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a silver van parked in front of a building with two cars on it's back
New Van Wrap Takes Hyundai of Cool Springs’ Advertising on the Road
a man standing next to a bus stop with a poster on it's side
Ad Award Archive - ANA Educational Foundation
Wisconsin - - advertising - resort - ski - tourism
a library is closed until opening time sign next to a toilet in a public restroom
Library Is Closed Until Opening Time - Funny Sign
Says it all...
the side mirror of a car with an image of a man in sunglasses on it
Cling On
John Lennon is closer than he appears
urinals are lined up against the wall in a men's bathroom with an electric guitar hanging on the wall
X. It’s what’s happening
Guerrilla Marketing Transition Marketing Services | Okanagan Small Business Marketing & Branding http://www.arcreactions.com/
two women sitting on chairs in front of a bus stop with the doors open and there is a sign that says isn't it nice to have choice?
Creative Inspiration: Musical Bus Stop | Airport Stunts | Sneaky Banana
Bus stop
a woman holding a blue umbrella while standing next to a brown dog on a leash
Justin Hourigan
Poop Bags Bus Shelter
a giant fork and knife sign in front of a store with the word flavor on it
CSS Design Awards - Website Awards - Best Web Design Inspiration - CSS Awards
55 Big, Bold & Creative Billboard Designs
a vending machine sitting on the side of a street
Brandingmag | Narrating the discussion
Nike Fuelbox vending machines
an image of a man with his face in bowling pins
Partnership Activation - Activation Gallery - Sports Guerilla Marketing Tactics
Coyotehockeyhq.com | #bowling #sticke #campaign #ambient #creative #guerillamarketing #guerilla #ambient #marketing <<< found onpartnershipactivation.com pinned by www.GuerillaMarketing-Hamburg.de a subsite of www.BlickeDeeler.de
an advertisement for the world's largest submarine museum in mexico, with images of people walking through it
guerrilla marketing with wall graphics
two pictures of the same person running down the street, and one with shoes on it
Jay Mug
Clever! Ever thought about adding to an existing image? Not a bad idea! Nike Women Advertising
a billboard with a car on it and trees in the background
VW Curated by Transition Marketing Services | Okanagan Small Business Brandng Marketing Solutions. http://www.transitionmarketing.ca
a street sign on the side of a road next to some trees and buildings at night
Jay Mug
Star Wars Citylight
there is a colorful wall with many different colored pencils on it
Faber Castell ad.