Organizing Reading Small Groups- Materials, Supplies, & Student Work... Freebie included!

Creekside Teacher Tales: Organizing Reading Groups

Second Grade Nest: Setting Up.... Small Group

Guided Reading Activities. SO many ideas for small reading groups. Perfect to RTI, guided reading, and centers! This post even includes a FREEBIE sample!

Guided Reading Activities

First Grade Reading Intervention

The Teacher's Treasure Chest

Fluency activities that will engage your students! Turn fluency into a fun reading game with these phonics based fluency sentences. Click to find two ways to print and use for reading practice with kindergarten and first grade. Sentences include CVC words, digraphs, blends, vowel teams, diphthongs, and more!

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Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: My Week in Pictures!!

My Week in Pictures!!

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits: Guided Reading

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits: Guided Reading

Guided reading fluency sticks: 3 levels to help progress reading and increase fluency for beginning readers in Kindergarten and first grade.

Guided Reading Strategy - Clever Classroom Blog

guided reading plans for first grade also available - on tpt

Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten: Guided Reading Made Easy: LEVEL A

Using file folders as mini-anchor charts; great for differentiated learning and guided reading groups

Teaching My Friends!

Guided Reading Questions- Before, During and After- adds for awesome small group discussion! (and the rest of this site has many other great things to offer!)

Guided reading question cards

Teaching Reading - Reading Ideas - Rock Your Fluency - Classroom Organization

The First Grade Parade: Christmas in July!

My Guided Reading Must Haves

My Guided Reading Must Haves

Guided reading

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FREE Phonemic Awareness Warm Up Activity for small group reading .....Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-keep' literacy tools fun teaching stuff :)

FREE Phonemic Awareness Warm Up Activity for small group reading

Guided Reading Resource Card FREEBIE

Organized Guided Reading and a FREEBIE

Consonant blends chart: This would be an excellent resource to have on display in the classroom. Before hanging this chart/poster up in the classroom, you could use this as a learning tool for a phonics mini-lesson. The students could then look back at this chart for reference when trying to remember and recognize blends.

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Reading Intervention Binder for First Grade

First Grade Reading Intervention Binder

This post describes the must-have components for a guided reading lesson and gives details about how to implement them! Great ideas for Kindergarten, first grade, or second grade guided reading.

What are the components of a guided reading lesson in a Kindergarten, first, or second grade classroom? - Learning at the Primary Pond

Love this idea for grouping students. You can move students around when you need too. If your using ability grouping you can see where they started and how much they have grown.

Miss DeCarbo: A Glance Into My Guided Reading Binder!

Anne- I would have these in a Pre-K or Kindergarten writing center for students to work on their spelling and writing. =ISBEELS- 4.C.ECe With teacher assistance, blend sounds (phonemes) in one-syllable words (e.g., /c/ /a/ /t/ = cat).

Guided Reading Activities

The "Sneaky Y!" -- how The Secret Stories looks in the classroom.

The Secret Stories - Sneaky Y

What should my child read? How do I know if it will be too easy or too hard? These are common questions among homeschool parents. Fortunately, the answers are right at your fingertips!

Reading List By Grade Level

Guided reading organization does not have to be hard! I love how she keeps everything organized for her groups!

Organized Guided Reading - Mrs. Richardson's Class