Guided Reading Basics: a progress tool to use during guided reading lessons. It's a great way to assess and monitor your observations while students read.

Guided Reading Basics: A how-to for 20 min. groups!

Comprehension activity ideas that other students can be working on while you are pulling guided reading groups!

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These lesson plans were created based on the professional book, The Next Step in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson. There is a 2 page lesson plan for each developmental stage of reading that will enable you to be more intentional in your teaching and better meet the needs of your students.

Differentiated Guided Reading Lesson Plans

Guided Reading Notes - Read about this super easy way to take Guided Reading Notes on this post and grab a freebie -Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

Guided Reading Notes - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

Marzano's questioning sticks for guided reading


Freebie! A guided reading favorite. Engage your students in your guided reading groups with this before, during, and after reading activity. Students simply roll the dice, determine the sum and answer

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Making Guided Reading or Leveled Literacy Intervention easier sounds too good to be true? Not so...

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Guided Reading Checklist

Guided Reading ChecklistWorksheets

Guided Reading Quick-Guide freee

Guided Reading Quick-Guide

Guided Reading :: ideas and organization!!! Great layout for plans. (She teaches 2nd grade.)

The Bubbly Blonde: Guided Reading

Guided Reading Made Easy

Guided Reading Made Easy

3rd-5th grade Guided Reading Unit 1 Smooth Sailing for a New Year

Smooth Sailing for a New Year

What Do Students Need to Know and Be Able to Do at Each Level? These great Guided Reading Checklists will help you determine and keep track of what your students have mastered at each guided reading level.

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Evidence Based Question Stems Aligned to Reading A-Z levels J-K

Evidence Based Question Stems Aligned to Reading A-Z levels J-K

Do you want to FRESHEN UP your Guided Reading Group Lessons?? This unit will do the trick! Guided Reading Flip-Flap Books aligned to the CCSS for Grades 1-3. Check it out...and download the preview for a closer look!!

Guided Reading Flip Flap Books for Interactive Notebooking

Guided Reading Note Cards for Teachers FREEBIE (quick reference list of important skills to teach at each guided reading level) Levels A - J (Fountas/Pinnell leveling) Kdg through beginning second grade *FREE!!!

Guided Reading Note Cards for Teachers FREEBIE

Even More Guided Reading Levels of Topical Practice) These leveled passages are a convenient way to teach students about animals. The document includes 15 reading passages. It contains:---(5 Passages) Guided Reading Level L (Lexile Levels 450-470)---(5 Passages) Guided Reading Level M (Lexile Level 500-535)---(5 Passages) Guided Reading Level N (Lexile Level 550-560 )An Answer Key is Also Included. $

(Animals) Leveled Passages Guided Reading Levels L,M, N (Lexiles 450-560)

These guided reading lesson plans include all of the skills that students need to learn at each text level. Each lesson includes:Word Work Ideas...

Guided Reading Lesson Plans (Levels A-N)

Good Ideas for Guided Reading

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A Glance Into My Guided Reading Binder! (Miss DeCarbo)

Miss DeCarbo: A Glance Into My Guided Reading Binder!

The Thinker Builder: How to Organize Your Small Groups to PREVENT the Headache

How to Organize Your Small Groups to PREVENT the Headache

Guided reading organization, forms and self-assessment

What the Teacher Wants!: Management Monday: Guided Reading

Reading Workshop in 3rd grade-great explanation-no centers-from lesson plan sos

Lesson Plan SOS: Rockin’ Reading Workshop- Gingerbread Style!

This post shares how I teach guided reading to one of my 3rd grade groups.

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It's always helpful to see a great guided reading lesson! This is a good one!

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