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    Inference in Reading

    Inference in Reading

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    An entire unit on how to use Interactive Student Notebooks (ISNs) in the classroom. Seems like a great way to encourage student engagement during note taking. Also a great way to assess learning.

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    Thinking Deep with Inferencing - Love this inference activity - Deep Thinking Thursday. This post is a step-by-step guide for doing this with your students!

    Thinking Deep with Inferencing

    Great observation vs. inference crime activity. Also, complex anchor chart-- can I simplify this?

    Language Arts Anchor Charts

    Mr. George Baker (a 100 year old man) learns to read alongside a 7 year-old. Making inferences, show not tell... and the blog includes lesson ideas and the Reading Rainbow video. ~ g. ertel

    Teaching My Friends!: Oh, How I Love Mr. George Baker!

    Differences between Inference and Prediction. Excellent to use when introducing inferences. Students can tell what they know about predictions, and then learn about how inferencing is different.

    The Difference Between Inference & Prediction

    inferencing game

    More Inferencing Goodies!

    A 2nd Grade Adventure -Don't show the pictures, have the students infer what the monster looks like.

    A 2nd Grade Adventure

    Drawing Conclusions- have students write their inferences on the light bulbs!

    The Resourceful Room!: Drawing Conclusions and Giveaway Winner!

    Free Printables and Organizers for Common Core. For RL3.1, RL4., and RL5.1

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    Ms. Coleman's First Grade: Let the Inferring Begin!

    Ms. Coleman's First Grade: Let the Inferring Begin!

    Students must use clues to make inferences about the setting of a short paragraph!

    Making Inferences About Setting Task Cards

    Making Inferences not Predictions

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    Making Inferences anchor chart

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    Inference Anchor Chart

    It's not work, if you LOVE it: Anchor Chart Mania

    good for inferences

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    WRITER #1:Tell the story about what was happening when this picture was taken. WRITER #2: Add to the the first writer's story. WRITER #3: Share your thoughts or the life lesson. WRITER #1: Read the story. Edit and revise it for clarity. Give it a title. Lesson link (Photo source link provided below)

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    1)Write a story about what happened before... 2)Write talking/thinking balloons. 3)Write story titles or headlines for picture. 4)Create a 5 frame carton. Use this picture in 1 frame-you write and illustrate the other 4 boxes. Could use these prompts with any fun picture!

    Christmas Afternoon Randomness (34 HQ Photos)

    Smile Break Ideas for your Classroom

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    Turtle love ❤

    Animals Tuesday Update | Wildography

    Seems like everyone is getting sick this month! Want to stay out of the germ loop? Follow some tips on this blog post! go2uttyler.blogsp...

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    Inference Task Cards | Teaching with a Mountain View | {2-5}

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    Making Inferences: you could easily make this into a little reading response form for students to use during daily five.

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    Inference Fun

    I Teach. What's your super power?: Inference Fun

    Inference: How do you think these two people know each other? What makes you think so?

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    An entire pinboard dedicated to pictures that assist in teaching inference

    Base Jumping Wallpapers