”Self defense is a primary law of nature, which no subsequent law of society can abolish; the immediate gift of the Creator, obliges everyone to resist the first approaches of tyranny.” ~Elbridge Gerry

Appreciate ALL our military members, don't you? -- AFSOC - US Air Force Special Operation Command


Funny how EVERY piece of kit is, literally, shiny new and unused

NOTE pouches, pouch placement, face mask

Norwegian Army Forsvarets Spesialkommando (FSK) operator during join counter terrorism exercise Gemini

DEVGRU typical Neptune Spear load out #military #special forces #operator #navyseals

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Multicam in a winter forest works very well. Special Forces or Martial Law Ops

Nice dragon spine as holster

manlythings: Super awesome sheath on this PC… apparently you can find the maker on FB as Holcombe Tactical Solutions.