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False numbers are usually safer to give out to a creep than to outright reject them if you're feeling unsafe, so.

Shots Fired

Considering how he spelt 'a lot' as one word, I'd definitely rather contract the Black Plague. Lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, people who aren't interested in relationships.

Into the tumblr


Funny pictures about OMG Shark! Oh, and cool pics about OMG Shark! Also, OMG Shark!

I just died.

Lost doorknob returns…

Funny pictures about Lost doorknob returns. Oh, and cool pics about Lost doorknob returns. Also, Lost doorknob returns.

I hate when girls do this! I am a girl but it's super rude and annoying! Boy: "Hey, what's your name?" Girl: "I have a boyfriend!" Boy: "Okay, so I'll just ask your boyfriend what your name is" Why do we have to be so obnoxious!

His smile!

Jimmy Fallon wearing Shaq's jacket, he looks like a little boy wearing his dad's clothes.

Winston from New Girl discovers that he is color blind. "They're as brown as money"--One of my favorite Winston scenes ever!

Donald Trump avoiding and dodging questions. It's sounds like he doesn't even know what the American dream is.

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