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Paint pocks like Strawberries! Fun rock painting idea and craft for kids this spring.

Could this be so? Stones painted as strawberries when put around strawberry plants in the spring will keep birds from eating your ripened berries. Birds experience the stones first and will think the ripened berries are rocks.

Love Birds Painted Rock Painted Stone by qvistdesign on Etsy

NOTE: Create Rock 'stands' from Poly💜 Love Birds, Painted Rock, Painted Stone,

Painting Rock Rabbits  -- good step-by-step tutorial.  These would be so neat placed in a garden for a delight among the flowers or in a vegetable garden...(they don't eat the veggies!)

What a creative idea. Do you believe you can turn a stone to a rabbit? Yes, check out the picture tutorial below. My daughter borrowed the same idea. She picked a stone and drew a panda for her dad as a father’s day gift.

rock painting ideas and designs for garden decorations

Rockpainting ideas turn stones into beautiful flowers, colorful birds, charming insects, cute animals or colorful bouquets of flowers, cute miniature houses and dwarfs

Rockin’ Paintings by Roberto Rizzo. Roberto Rizzo is an Italian artist best known for his rock paintings. He pick out stones with peculiar shapes from rivers and beaches. He manages to coax out the most amazing animals hidden in the stone.

admire the details.every little stroke of paint: reflections off beaks, and shading under wings.he inspires Roberto Rizzo Emperor Penguin