Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott - there's something very sexy about this man.and it's not only his sexy voice.

Clint Eastwood

such a great looking man, CLINT BABY!I think this is the first photo I've seen of Clint Eastwood this young. he turns out to be a very distant cousin.

Richard Gere.

Richard Gere's House For Sale in the Hamptons

Richard Gere Recently I read this description of Richard Gere: ". coolly charismatic rather than drop-dead handsome." Whoever wrote that obviously has never seen the tux-clad, rose-carrying, Richard Gere riding the elevator in the 2004 movie,.

Simon Baker

Farewell letter from

Simon Baker seems to be one of those underrated Aussie actors in Hollywood, his recent performance in ‘I Give It A Year’ has made us decide to have an in-depth look at him. You can read our Simon Baker biography on the Helium Entertainment Channel.

<3 Paul Newman

Paul Leonard Newman Jan Sept American Actor, Director, Entrepeneur, and Humaniterian.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey (born November is an actor best known for his work in movies such as 'EDtv,' 'Reign of Fire' and 'Tropic Thunder.' Find more Matthew McConaughey pictures, news and information below.

Hard not to love his face and charm

Hugh Grant Has Greatest Role Ever In Cloud Atlas

Hugh Grant is an English actor and film producer. Grant achieved international stardom after appearing in Richard Curtis's sleeper hit Four Weddings and a Funeral

Dermot Mulroney

I vaguely remember watching, "Wedding Date" and thinking the actor was quite good looking. I'm presently watching, "My Best Friend's Wedding" and after seeing Dermot Mulroney again, I decided I ought to add his to this board.

Mario Lopez

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Matt Bomer...

The best photos of Matt Bomer, the American actor best known as con-man Neal Caffrey on the TV show White Collar. Prior to slipping into the White Collar suit and s.

paul newman

Paul Newman - you could plaster his picture all over salad dressings! Oh!his picture is already there! (He is in a class all his own. 'Handsome' doesn't even describe him. (He's in a class all his own: 'He's as handsome as a 'Paul Newman'!