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17 Day Diet Cycle 1 Beginner's Board

Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet is about rapid weight loss, detox and allowing your body to release toxins so that weight can be lost at a rapid and safe pace. Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet is about low-carbs, no sugar and lean proteins. **Please Note: Any pins that are not 17DD or C1 related, will be removed. Abusive pinners will also be removed! Only humans (not companies) will be allowed to join! Thank you for your understanding!**
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Here's a tasty recipe for Egg Roll in a Bowl, modified by Judy! It's a perfect blend of salty and spicy and you can eat it on any cycle of the 17 Day Diet.


Egg Roll in a Bowl a la Judy | My 17DD Blog

Here's another wonderful creation from MaryPat! The combination of apple, carrot & cauliflower, along with cheese and spices is perfect for the 17 Day Diet.


MaryPat’s Creamy Apple, Carrot & Cauliflower Soup | My 17DD Blog

Blueberries and Cream Green Smoothie for the 17 Day Diet


Blueberries and Cream Green Smoothie | My 17DD Blog

Follow my magic formula for a green smoothie recipe that can be consumed as a meal replacement or as a snack while losing weight on the 17 Day Diet.


How to Create a Custom Green Smoothie | My 17DD Blog

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