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Lily Vandixhorn

I love god, family,and friends!!!
Lily Vandixhorn
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Proverbs 4:23 ~Funny I have read my bible 10 times through. I have been a Christian most of my life. Learned about Jesus from my grandma's knee. I didn't realize this was in the bible. I have always guarded myself, my heart, etc. But lately if you read my posts you wouldn't think so. I say anything.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. What is in our hearts comes out through our words and actions. We must guard our hearts from evil so that we can abstain from doing evil.

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God is light. In HIM there is no darkness at all. All my life I hated the darkness in every way I could. never liked it. I always loved the light. So anything dark I hated. This verse is one of my favs ❤❤❤

When God gives you a "no," give him a "thank you." He was protecting you from less than his best. - spiritual inspiration - Liz Marie Blog

I am so thankful for unanswered prayers. God knew what I needed and chose to not to give me what I thought I wanted so that He could bless me with His best instead! Thank you God!

Great reminder. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts, and His ways are higher than my ways!

God's answer to your sad sayings and sighs. A nice chart showing you where to find the BIBLE VERSE PROOF that God never leaves you alone. incl Joshua 1 and Matthew end.