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My bridesmaid lunged for my bouquet and tripped. A groomsman caught her. Today they will be getting married :) this is beautiful

Once this happened to an older girl and I caught the thing for the boys we took a picture together next to the newly wed couple it was hilarious and I was like 8 years under

When I first saw this I was all indignant like "that's not true" but the next time I was in the car I just went "cows" and in that moment I realized I was the American stereotype.

Look a bunch of cows It's a herd Heard of what?a cow heard What do I care if a cow heard? I ain't got no beef with no cow>>omg, whenever I pass them I just moo with them.

And there is actually one moment in gay history when Macklemore's story is relevant. | 22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Being Gay

And there is actually one moment in gay history when Macklemore//holy shit it's just like the beginning of same love AHAH

I always say "we" because I want to avoid my friends to feel uncomfortable. although apparently I'm the only one from my friends that ACTUALLY feels uncomfortable and it's so stressful .