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Harry Potter gone Disney. Ermahgerd whoever did this must have been a hardcore Harry Potter/ Disney fan. And also has a lot of time on their hands! I love the King Triton one lol omg i have seen all disney movies and harrypotter ones! i love this


Hilarious hump day – Our virtual playground welcomes you to its midweek edition of nonsense. Hump day is always the perfect occasion to catch a breath.

this is for every jerk that has ever been mean to me<<<<< I am totally using this tomorrow.

25 Of The Funniest Comebacks You Will Ever Hear funny jokes mean lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious…

LOL I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. | I feel like one of my characters would say this to another character. lolz for dayz

You see the difference between "boyfriend" and "boy friend" is this little space we like to call the friend zone - dance moms

Harry Potter - I Workout So I Can Climb the Stairs at Hogwarts

A true Harry Potter fan knows their mission upon arriving at the gym. Train hard everyday until that sweet sweet Hogwarts letter finally arrives. Not only will you be able to climb the stairs, you can

Coyote Acting Like A Puppy Again

Coyote Finds An Old Toy And Acts Like A Puppy cute animals adorable animal funny animals coyote