If Your Food Told the Truth, Here Are 10 Things It Would Say to You -

If Your Food Told the Truth, Here's What it'd Say to You. Peanut butter is my boyfriend

The struggle is real. "bitch I know I said I wanted to lose weight but I'm hungry"


Not very flexible

Funny pictures about Most girls stretching. Oh, and cool pics about Most girls stretching. Also, Most girls stretching.

So true.

When mentioned in a show…

When mentioned in a show. It's funny because I just watched an episode of supernatural that took place in the state I live in :D


Girls with curly hair...

Girls with curly hair wake up like this. OMG exactly what my hair looks like in the morning!

Exhausting day, life of a dog.

Exhausting day at the dog park! I have a lot of pictures of my bully this same position.so cute!

This might be the cutest stuffed monster like ever...

Monster " Siggi " braun zum kuscheln