5 Minute Corn Chowder 5 Minute CORN CHOWDER: 1&1/2 cup frozen Corn, 1 Zucchini, 2 stalks Celery, 1 Red Pepper (I used Tomato), 1 tsp each Garlic and Onion Powder, dash each of Cayanne and Nutmeg, Salt, 1/2 cup Water or Broth. Blend all to desired consistency Garnish w/Avocado, Corn, Tomato, Cilantro.

Corn Chowder in Vitamix cups organic corn (fresh or frozen; corn is not available now so I used frozen) 1 red bell pepper 1 large zucchini 1 heaping tsp garlic powder 1 heaping tsp onion powder a dash of cayenne a dash of nutmeg sea salt and fresh cra

Vitamix Smoothie Guide...for when I get the one I want! - I wonder if this is nasty?

Custom Green Smoothie Recipes - How to Create Your Custom Green Smoothie Create your own custom green smoothies with this chart! These smoothies are healthy and

Ah, so good. This recipe is really delicious! http://www.juiceplus.com/+ss92975 I also add lime to mine

Kale, Apple and Ginger Juice

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Plant based amazing goodness!

Strawberry Julius Recipe using the French Vanilla Complete. 1 cup orange juice - 1 cup frozen strawberries - 1 handful of spinach - cup French Vanilla Complete - Several ice cubes

#31FlavorsIn31Days | Lemon Basil SmoothieJust Makin FIT Happen

#31FlavorsIn31Days | Lemon Basil SmoothieJust Makin FIT Happen

Eating more berries for their cardio-protective benefits

Eating more berries for their cardio-protective benefits