Why have I not known this my whole life?? THIS IS AMAZING!

How to fix broken makeup – Pinterest WIN!

How to fix broken makeup - Pour a few teaspoons of rubbing alcohol over the cracked make-up. Stir and break up the chunks until all the makeup is dissolved. Set out on a flat surface overnight. The alcohol dries up and you’re left with fresh makeup.


step-by-step how to even out your skin tone this is a must pin for sure!-----Tip: The Maybelline Concealer is equally comparable to Make Up Forever& Concealer.

El Asombroso Uso De Agua Gaseosa Como Un Tratamiento De Belleza. -El agua carbonatada se absorbe en los poros. -Los desechos en los poros se sacan. -Apriete los poros. -Los poros limpios se llenarán con agua.

When someone talks of using sparkling water as a technique for beauty treatment it may surprise many; but it is increasingly becoming one of the favorite methods for many women around the globe.

Messy Crossover Ponytail, for an easy, off-duty hair look!

hair tutorial: messy crossover pony

hair tutorial: messy crossover pony (truelane) - www.

“No-makeup makeup” might sound like the most confusing term out there, but trust me: it isn’t that complicated. It basically refers to a very natural makeup look, something that makes it appear as though you were born with gorgeous skin, beautiful eyelids, long eyelashes, perfectly pink cheeks, and a sun kissed, dewey glow. Or, in … Read More

20 No-Makeup Makeup Tutorials For The Perfect Natural Look

20 Makeup Tricks And Tips To Make You Look Less Tired Everyone has a day in every now and then when they look tired. If you too face this problem, take a look at these makeup tricks and tips…

ingrown hair treatment

Home remedies for these annoying dots, & ingrown hairs!

23 Insider Hacks from a Sephora Employee

22 Insider Hacks from a Sephora Employee

Article - 23 Insider Hacks from a Sephora Employee

Makeup Tips For Women Over 40 - Walking in Grace and Beauty

Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

Tartan plaid scarf, gray blazer, white blouse, and faded jeans. Great brown saddle bag too!

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads | Cute Parents

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads

Tips to Prevent Blackheads

Contouring and Highlighting Tips for Your Face Shape | Easy Hacks & Step By Step Tutorials by Makeup Tutorials http://makeuptutorials.com/makeup-tutorials-beauty-tips

Best Makeup Tutorials And Beauty Tips From The Web

Highlighting and contouring guide for different face shapes

#platinum & red #highlights ♥

platinum & red highlights - great transition I to fall!

Easy Way To Get Very Very Long #Eyelashes !!!First get an old mascara brush and wash it with soap until all the mascara comes off. Once your done dip the brush into baby powder making sure it's fully covered. Following that, dip in #Vaseline. Then apply onto your lashes like you would with #mascara. To get the best results I recommend 4 weeks.

Tricks to Naturally Lengthen Your Eyelashes With Vaseline

Wash off an old mascara brush, dip it in baby powder, then cover in vaseline. Do this for a few weeks and you eye lashes with get longer and more curled.

Urban Decay : Naked Palette 3!

Smokey, rosy eye tutorial with Naked 3 from Urban Decay. (Can't wait to get the new Palette.)also love how she smudged eye liner on top lid

Pinning this for when I'm 50ish! Love it! Sophisticated but not a pixie!

12 Pretty Long Layered Hairstyles With Bangs

LOVE her hair cut & color ~ Jaclyn Smith

Long Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

37+ Cute Long Bob Haircuts for Beautiful Women 2018

Long Bob Hairstyles with Bangs