Afrocentric Style Decor - Design centered on African Influenced Elements

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kwena lodge

Kwena Lodge Accommodation at Gondwana Game Reserve ‹

Fair Trade Maasai Jewelry - Raven + Lily by Raven + Lily — Kickstarter

Fair Trade Maasai Jewelry - Raven + Lily

Okapi - Black and Linen Hand Printed Native Tribal African Print Pillow - by Bark Decor. $40.00, via Etsy.

Unavailable Listing on Etsy

African Art Inspired Walking Sticks.

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Last queen of Rwanda, Rosalie Gicanda, married King Mutara Rudahigwa (Mutara II) in 1942. Mutara was a Tutsi tribesman | Photographer and date of this photo unknown.

Rosalie Gicanda
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Shamavu, a baby gorilla rescued in Congo, by Wildlife Authorities, from some poachers.

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Cheryl Malone - South Africa

Cheryl Malone Porcelain / Ceramics

throughsanaseyes: harvey-swick: flowers-without-reason: caesoxfan04: Anderson Cooper saving a boy in Haiti during a shooting. A slab of concrete was dropped of the boys head. Anderson fucking Cooper, everyone.  Some journalists like to be strictly observers. they don’t intervene, they don’t participate. they just document what they see, even if what they see is terrible. But the way I see it, journalists don’t exist in a vacuum. They are human beings, living and working in a very human e...

The South Africana

Extraordinary Photos: The Essence Of The Dinka Tribe In Sudan | Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher spent over 30 years taking photos of ceremonies, rituals and the daily life of African tribal peoples.

Extraordinary Photos: The Essence Of The Dinka Tribe In Sudan

An illustration of batique-d African women that caught my eye...

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☘ Africa | Berber carpets | Beni Ouarain carpet

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Africa | "Cotton rug making, craft workshop of Bogolan, Segou, Mali"| ©Bruno Morandi

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African shield from

neutral notes

Burkina Faso, West Africa #herethereeverywhere

Best & Favorite Photos in Low Rez (faster slideshow) - madexpat

Obie Oberholzer

Obie Oberholzer - Knysna Fine Art

Breakfast in Africa only. | PicsVisit

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Meals on Wheels!!Wait, come back, I am hungry lol! Makololo, Hwange National Park, Zimbabweby Paula French

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Wabi basins

Artwork Detail - Wabi Basins

mosaic stud earrings / house of harlow

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Allison Bellows

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Afrocentric Style - Follow Me on Pinterest, Suzi M, Interior Decorator Mpls, MN

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African pattern: Masai swirl

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