Bluebonnet Field in Ellis County, Texas

Bluebonnet Field - Ellis County, Texas When I see photos like this, I have to resist the urge to gorilla plant bluebonnets along roadsides and other public urbanscape. : ) This is a Texas tradition.

Rules to live your life by

dream big use kind word say i love you laugh giggle by silly share say please and thank you be grateful keep your promises help others breathe try new things keep calm laugh out loud- love this, hate the "u".

for baby E

Baby picture idea Newborn pictures - LOVE this idea! newborn christmas pictures so cute! newborn photo idea - like the scrabble.

Texas, my Texas.

Deep in the heart of Texas .See, Proof God Loves Texas

Someday please

Christmas camping is so much fun. What a great excuse to get a little crazy with the camping lights. You know I love camping lights!

for baby E

Camera handstitched baby one piece

Love this bike/hat/flowers look!

A red bike with a basket full of pretty flowers and a big straw hat… Truly, the proverbial white picket fence.

The Dallas Cowboys!

Pink Zebra Sprinkle Fragrance Recipe Cowboys cheering for your favorite team with a custom scent to match! Order your sprinkles here. Combine- Stone Washed Denim & Sensual for the winning combination pinkzebra


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