Academic word work form - Marzano strategy

I created this for my class to study academic vocabulary words. Our building implemented Marzano's strategies for building academic vocabulary and.

Practice Printing Bags - A great fine motor activity and fun writing practice!...might add this as a choice for my spelling station!

Practice Printing Bags

Scribble Doodle and Draw: use paint baggies to practice printing letters, sight words, spelling words, etc. so many ways! --I like the addition of the qtip as the writing tool for fine motor practice!

print...make spelling words and add it up...

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Contraction Kites

I would use these in my classroom after teaching contractions. I would divide students into groups and have each group create different contraction kites, then have them share and hang from the ceiling as reminders!

Word work

Pinner said: One of the best sites I have seen for helping set up Writer's Workshop. She has amazing ideas for genre units (and celebrations)! Plus this idea for spelling homework.

Here is a Marzano word work cootie catcher to use for review activities: spell, say, give example/non-example/synonym/part of speech/nonverbal representation/definition/sentence.

FREE Marzano Vocabulary Cootie Catcher-say and spell, provide synonyms, part of speech, definitions, and sentences using the word.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes and Suffixes….great idea to do with other suffixes and prefixes with students…then build a bulletin board or anchor chart for them.

Subject and Predicate Task Cards freebie from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources

Subject and Predicate Task Cards freebie from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources - great for cooperative learning lessons.lots of great resources on whole site!

ou words

Bandaid Reading Fun: Teaching "ou" and "Ow". Brainstorm together, then each kid gets their own bandaid to write words on and wears for the rest of the day.

Vocabulator - cool idea for kids to engage in words. Google Vocabulator, Melissa Forney to get pdf directions

Vocabulator - cool idea Could be a center.I wonder how hard it would be to find good containers for this. I would rather use with word wall words or vocabulary from shared reading stories.

toss, read and write!  use for suffixes

Toss, Read & Write [Toss the pom-pom into the muffin tin. Read the word family on which the pom-pom lands. Write a word from the word family on a paper. Continue as time allows.


Babbling Abby: Contraction Activities {First Grade} Winter snowglobe writing activity

good way to practice contractions

Teacher Bits and Bobs: Math freebie, contraction flip book, and the day!