I wasn't going to pin this until I tried it. I did, and it works. Clearing up acne by cleaning your face with oil. I never had terrible acne to begin with, but I had my problem areas and problem times. THIS WORKS. Tried it last night and my pores look EMPTY. No more blackheads, whiteheads or bumps. For real. Try it.

Improved My Skin {Acne, Scaring & Overall Complexion} using Olive Oil and Castor Oil. Apparently coconut oil can work well for some people too.

31 Creative Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

31 Creative Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know! It’s not easy being a girl, so here are some helpful tricks for getting you through those glitches.

How to Remove Scars using home remedies | How to do things

5 easy ways to remove acne scars naturally. egg whites baking soda lemon juice aloe vera juice olive oil this website tells you how to use these 5 products to help diminish the look of acne scars

Yes banana peels will whiten your teeth better than almost anything else you can try. Banana peels and activated charcoal are the best things for getting your teeth the whitest they will ever be. Rub the banana peel on your teeths exposed surfaces.