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garden ideas

garden ideas

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Put a worm tower in your garden. Essentially a worm tower is an in-garden worm farm that allows the worms and their nutrients to interact directly with the surrounding garden bed. It consists of a vertical pipe, placed half-submerged in a garden bed, with holes drilled in

Wood in the garden

Rustic Garden. great look for my cabin

5 Herbs That Repel Flies

I started making these treasure jars when my kids were little and they… :: Hometalk

home for birds from old mailbox

Tool Shed made from Old Doors

1tsp epsom salt in 4 c warm water....spray on plant and then 10 days later. produces more fruit due to boost of magnesium... especially for tomatoes, peppers and roses. Good to know for the Salsa garden we're starting this year.

Natural bug spray for the garden. 1 gallon of water 2 cups of Dawn soap 2 cups of plain listerine type mouthwash 1 tsp cayenne pepper Mix together, put in a spray bottle. 10 Steps to Organic Gardening

How to Plant Hanging Baskets

Raised garden beds

who knew: pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue.

Butterflies need salt for breeding - Create a salt lick in your garden and increase the butterfly population. How-to's and links included.

mosaic diy

A peacock in your garden with wine bottles. I absolutely want to make this!

Old pump fountain

Upcycled broken pot - great site for new uses for old things

ANTS ON PLANTS Look for columns of ants marching up/down stems of your plants. Many species/ants are “dairy farmers” whose “cows” are aphids, scale, or mealy bugs. These ants carry the scale insects to your plants, place them carefully, and tend and protect them. The ants eat the honeydew excreted by scale insects or aphids. If ants are involved you’ll have to control the ants in order to completely conquer the sooty mold problem. If you find ants, control them by putting a sticky band of

Lady bugs are a natural pest control. Keep more of them around by filling a 4"x1' long tube with sticks. The lady bugs will make it their home and watch over your garden.

park benches

A better way to grow CILANTRO...Try this method for a fast, continuous crop

Pat Hammer's beautiful succulent topiary

How to Build a Pergola -

Fly repellent - pinner said "I had to repin this again for you to see. YES IT WORKS! Oh my, it looks hokie but our temps have been upper 90's and no flies in my back yard have been spotted. I spoke with a women who grew up on a dairy farm and she swears by it. She said they used 5 pennies. Go figure."