DIY Extracts.

DIY Extracts

[ DIY Vanilla, Mint and Spearmint Extracts Recipe and How-To ] Made with vodka, vanilla beans, fresh spearmint, fresh mint. ~ from Kirbie Cravings

Natural Medicine

20 Natural Pain Killers – 1 Ginger-muscle pain 2 Apple Cider Vinegar-heartburn 3 Clove-toothache 4 Garlic-earache 5 Cherries-headache/joint pain 6 Fish-stomach pain 7 Grapes-back pain 8 Yogurt-prevents PMS 9 Oats-Endrometrial…

Gardening, home garden, garden hacks, garden tips and tricks, growing plants…

12 Medicinal Plants to Grow at Home

12 medicinal plants to grow at home. Gardening, home garden, garden hacks, garden tips and tricks, growing plants…

Create a Healing Herb Garden | Six herbs you can grow yourself that when used fresh or dried, have amazing health benefits.  #Sponsored

Create a Healing Herb Garden

Creating a Magical Children’s Garden

Creating a Magical Children's Garden

There is something so wonderful about gardens to a child's eye. Like a mini jungle, little footsteps seek out the adventure and wonder amidst the towering plant

By growing herbs yourself, in your own garden, you get the freshest, most potent medicinal herbs. These are thriving under the same stressors that you, yourself, are challenged with. When you buy dried herbs, even from local herb stores, they won’t be as active or as potent as the herbs that you harvest fresh and process yourself. But how do you fit medicinal herbs into your home garden plans? You don’t need hundreds of acres to grow enough medicinal herbs for your family’s wellness…

70 Medicinal Herbs to Sneak into Your Organic Garden

DYI Pallet Vertical Herb Garden: Most of us live in narrow and really limited living space and cannot afford a garden place. To feel the greenery and pure nature so close even you are living in a compartments, we have some great  pallet garden bed for you

DIY Pallet Vertical Herb Garden: Hanging Planter