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Free! Figurative language anchor word wall cards. Hyperbole, personification, alliteration, metaphor, simile, idioms, & more. For a quick, spontaneous ELA writing activity, I like to attach a few of these to the white board, give the students post-its, an instruct them to write an example of each and stick it on the board near the corresponding poster. If time permits, after every student has at least one on the board, they go get a random one and evaluate it.


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How to use Reading A-Z boooks in your classroom library. After you fold the pages and cut the laminating, (only laminate the cover) you staple the books together. Then,Duct tape!!! Different colored tape for different levels!


Wicked Fun in First Grade

travel, teach, and love: Plural Posters

Fun way to practice sight words. Write words on Jenga blocks, place face down, scholars pick one and read it, all write the word, build up the tower. Afterwards, they can play Jenga!


Literacy Centers


Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme

Main Idea vs. Theme Sort! Free download. Plus a blog entry with other great ideas.


Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme

7 syllables types free poster download. This can help kids figure out where to divide words when they need to hyphenate.


7 Syllable Types Classroom Posters

{FREE} Super Hero Reader Books