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Animals & cute critters

Some of the most popular Animal Pins of 2013

"Staring Contest" A female gorilla stares directly ahead.

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Two Giraffes Born in One Week at Czech Republic’s Zoo Praha.

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Playmates by Saelan Wangsa

  • Lilly Sams

    I plan to admire them from a distance, still beautiful, colors outstanding, nature has it's wonders and God is so good.

  • Lilly Sams

    The colors make you happy, looks peaceful.

  • Bobbi Manson

    God's wonderful creations! Amen!!!

  • Lilly Sams

    This world has so many interesting plants and animals and sea life, wish that I could afford to travel to so many places, no harm in dreaming.

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  • Lilly Sams

    Sometimes Bees will fly close to you and flitter their wings and I think that they are Spirits.I heard this from a sweet old lady that raised me.

  • Lilly Sams

    The things that God has created is mind boggling, we appreciate all of the things to make this world a better place.

  • Christina E Naylor

    Honey bees are beautiful!

  • Ashley Ecclestone

    Heello:d Can you invite me? i would love to join ! ♥

  • Lilly Sams

    There are so many sad scenes in this world, we have to enjoy the beautiful things that nature provides, like beautiful birds, flowers, animals and most of all bees.

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Image by John Doe worldwide

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Papuan Jellyfish - ©Hiroya Minakuchi

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New mom with her tiny infant

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Bird and its reflection

Love has no size limit

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Puppy love!

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  • Sandee Neal

    kitty looks a wee bit nervous, don't you think?

  • Lilly Sams

    We need to get along like these animals, no problems at all.

  • Christina E Naylor

    This is very unusual. Fox will chase and kill cats for food. I know of such and the cat almost died! So this is a special relationship.

  • Lilly Sams

    We are so ruthless to each other, we have to rob and steal from each other, fight and beat up each other, and even animals have a peaceful moment together with out attacking each other.

  • Lilly Sams

    We need to calm down and stop fighting each other, even the animals can play and get along sometimes.

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Cuteness overdose... pup teaching pup to go down stairs!

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Waxwing - such beautiful and unique birds!

  • june dunham

    they flock here in the Spring would love to get a picture like that

  • Lilly Sams

    It is said that spirits come back as beautiful birds, my deceased son came back as a woodpecker,black body ,white collar, and a red head

  • Lynn Sadowsky

    Beautiful bird

  • Lilly Sams

    Birds are so beautiful, they look so peaceful and such beautiful colors.

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Bird friends

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Golden retriever playing

  • Barbara McCormick

    Pure joy! makes me miss our beloved Obie.

  • janet boxall

    Hi Barbara, has it been a long time since you lost Obie. Perhaps it may be time to think about giveing another pup a good home, I'm only just mentioning it because I waited far to long, 13 years I lost a great dane, we now have a german shepherd she is lovely, I'm only just planting seeds for you to think about it. My best thoughts to you, let me know what you decide.

  • Patrice Joseph

    They do bring so much joy and are truly more than precious and totally understanding....LOVE them!

  • Pam Hamilton

    Touch Down !!!!!

  • Jean Bauckham

    My Chocolate Lab used to that all the time.

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Golden retrievers

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21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are

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