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Favourites from the UK

International Garden Photographer Of The Year 2013

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DIY Skirt Tutorial from Make It & Love It

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Tutorial: Textured abstract geometric design

Illustration by Alice Pattullo



Knitted Dress from Boden

Helen Hallows - 'Up the garden path'

  • Carol Crane

    I am in love with everything I see of yours. Oh my gosh!!! I will find what ever I can find on you and your beautiful art work. I am speechless. Thank you for finding yourself. I am trying.

  • lisa cuddy

    I love this style of painting. Lovely.

Painted Coco-Cola Bottle Vases from Tori Jayne

National Cupcake Week tutorial: How to pipe cupcakes!

Cosmo loves: Tattoos

  • Sarah Johnson

    Thank you, Chris Jones. Well said.

  • Nora Nix

    Beautiful a treasured piece of fabric! It will only get more beautiful with age, like all beautiful things...

  • Lori Young Ringley

    Love this. So feminine and pretty

  • Leslie Nay

    You do not look for newness in an antique, you look for beauty and value. Age brings texture and story to our skin. If there were no beauty to be found in aged art then people would not dry flowers and use them to adorn their environment.

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inspired: silver lining

  • Rob Feller

    Book Signing/ Q & A,: Sat., Jan.11, 2014, 2:30 to 4:30pm at Old Capitol Books(Across from Trader Joe's-downtown Monterey), 559 Tyler St., 831-333-0383/659-1766.

  • Rob Feller

    Sounds of Safety-book #4, Love-A River, book #3, in a series of uplifting, inspirational stories and poems.

crochet: Pineapple heart doily by lulu loves

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A Brief History of Doctor Who Doctors and Companions

Hand brand, for use on felons or deserters, England, 1642-1649

  • Brandy Greer

    Wow! That is disturbing.

  • Kristie Hartig

    Amazing! Marked for life might make someone think twice before committing the crime...

  • Bryn

    Not to mention scarring and crippling them so they can't get any work with their hands and end up dying in a ditch! Oh the wonderful 17th century...

This traditional country garden has been developed and maintained by Jo gardens.

London based Karine Candice styling a workspace.

Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair: A SUNNY PROPS PHOTO SHOOT

Topshop's Spring-Summer 2013 Campaign

Inchies Card Viv's Visuals : Kraft and Cream

Hearts and Flowers Mobile Tutorial