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    tips for strengthening your hip and avoiding runner's knee

    Study Links Hip Instability, Runner's Knee
    • Mary Jo Lee
      Mary Jo Lee

      Karen Van Schouwen Good tips for next summer! Now I just need to find one on avoiding Achilles' tendon sprains

    • Lisa Gurkin
      Lisa Gurkin

      Thanks LM! Interesting article

    Victoria's Secret Model's Full-Body Workout by Heidi Klum's trainer

    Insider Training: Victoria's Secret Ab Workout
    • Judy Konkler
      Judy Konkler

      Jese Konkler

    • Natural Handcrafted Soap
      Natural Handcrafted Soap


    Yoga Poses to Detox, Cleanse, and Improve Digestion - Shape Magazine

    Yoga Poses to Detox Naturally
    • Myra Roberts Art
      Myra Roberts Art

      Warrior poses are most beneficial.

    • Drena Scroggs
      Drena Scroggs

      saw the postions and they are great

    • Myra Roberts Art
      Myra Roberts Art

      After doing sets of warrior one and two I feel fully energized. Yoga is my life long practice that I feel blessed to take part in. Namaste.

    • Digestive Health Care Center
      Digestive Health Care Center

      This looks awesome! Gotta try it!

    • Myra Roberts Art
      Myra Roberts Art

      Mind and body and the breath. Try it. We all need it.

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    Lauren Conrad's Calorie Blast Workout

    Shape Up: My Get Fit Quick Plan

    Fitness plans by goals

    New Year, New You

    Stability ball Butt workout

    Firm Your Butt in 6 Moves

    33 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

    33 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
    • Jaclyn Ix
      Jaclyn Ix

      Christine 9


    Shape Up: The Off-Limits List (to Your Bikini Body)
    • Sue Shep
      Sue Shep

      Just left Macaroni Grill and they have gluten free pasta! It was yummy!

    • Fit For A Belle
      Fit For A Belle

      Love this!

    • Criselda Panlilio
      Criselda Panlilio

      I don't know if I could do March haha

    • Rebecca McNeely
      Rebecca McNeely

      March nor June!

    • MADLLE

      January & May will kill me.

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    Ten Yoga Poses for Migraines, Cramps, Sugar Cravings, Etc

    10 Yoga Poses For Health Problems
    • Myra Roberts Art
      Myra Roberts Art

      This does work.

    • Liz Pudas
      Liz Pudas

      I'll try anything.....

    • Myra Roberts Art
      Myra Roberts Art

      Shoulder stands get rid of my headache. Best of all deep slow breathing with a mantra such as "relax and breath ", works wonders.

    • Deni Reyes
      Deni Reyes

      You are giving me one! I would throw-up?

    • Myra Roberts Art
      Myra Roberts Art

      Try it you may find it works.

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    45-Minute Gym Plan With Treadmill

    Cardio and Tone: A 45-Minute Gym Plan

    10-Minute Full-Body Crossfit Workout

    Try This Intense Full-Body Workout

    45-Minute Treadmill Workout intervals to torch calories and burn belly fat

    Burn Calories and Fight Belly Fat: 45-Minute Treadmill Workout
    • Marshall A.
      Marshall A.

      Printed this PIN out and will do this workout ASAP! will repin 2!

    • Rita Ballas
      Rita Ballas

      I do steps classes and Zumba and I 'll give this a shot too!

    Calorie burn chart, portion control and weight-loss #Personaltrainer #Fitness #Weightloss #Dieting #Health #Fitness #personal #trainer #training #Gym #Workout #weight-loss. More #Recipes and videos for #healthy #weight #loss for you you can find on

    Portion Control For on the Go
    • Wayne Liu
      Wayne Liu

      PHISINIC will help the health and fitness

    • Sharna Alt
      Sharna Alt

      How can 1 handful be 1 oz but 2 handfuls is about 1 oz?

    • Pamela Lambert
      Pamela Lambert

      Because Sharna, one is nuts and one is cereal. Nuts weigh more than cereal, so you get more cereal in an ounce.

    500-rep kettle bell workout

    500-Rep Kettle Bell Workout

    Fun treadmill workout

    The 500-Calorie Treadmill Workout
    • Liz Fleming
      Liz Fleming

      I'm going to try this ONE time, not 4 times and see if I can do it! Loud rock music could help a lot, then I don't hear the treadmill motor as much.

    • Denise Lawver
      Denise Lawver

      I'm going to try it too-- that 7mph could be a challenge but it's only 1 min, I can count to 60 while I'm running!!

    Medicine ball tabata interval workout. Targets full body and only takes 24 minutes.

    Medicine Ball Tabata Workout
    • sina solis
      sina solis

      2014 lets hit it!

    • Anne Dennix
      Anne Dennix

      Looks like something I can do

    Ways to tone the inner thighs

    16 Moves to Terrifically Toned Inner Thighs
    • Stella Fox
      Stella Fox

      wonderful ideas thank you

    what to eat before & after a workout

    Fit Tip: What to Eat Before & After a Workout
    • Mary Richardson
      Mary Richardson

      i everyone, it's Allison here! When it comes to eating healthy and working out, I rarely fall off the bandwagon. Some of my favorite things in life are leafy salads, green tea, sweaty spin classes and hot yoga. And I rarely miss my 6am workout before heading into the LC offices during the week. But despite being a bit of a health nut, there is one habit I have yet to break… I’ve never been one to eat before a workout. In fact, I usually just have a few sips of coffee then head straight to the gym. Yes, I know this isn’t the best habit, but I didn’t know just how bad it was until I recently did some research. According to Livestrong, you can maximize your workout as well as your energy throughout the day if you eat the right foods pre sweat sesh. Making sure our bodies get enough nutrients before and after a workout actually helps to keep our immune systems functioning and our blood sugar levels more stabilized throughout the day. Basically, this means that if you’re like me and you tend to exercise on an empty stomach, you’re not fueling your body correctly. I talked to Lauren’s trainer, Jarett Del Bene, who gave me some great tips to try and foods to eat before and after a workout. Here’s what he recommended… If you workout in the morning… “You need to eat within 30 minutes of waking up so you can jump-start your metabolism.” Try having a few bites of oatmeal or half a banana—having something is your system is better than nothing. If you workout in the afternoon… “Eat a light snack if you are hungry before your workout.” Jarett recommends power foods like a small bowl of oatmeal, a banana, apple slices with peanut butter or muscle milk. After your workout… “Eat within 30 minutes after your workout so your body doesn't start burning muscle.” It's important to fuel your body with some form of protein, so grab a handful or almonds or whip up a protein shake. Then, eat small meals every 3 hours throughout. Even If you’re not hungry, you should at least have a small snack. This will prevent you from waiting too long to eat and then overeating because you feel starving. Livestrong also recommends avoiding foods that are high in fat and anything spicy before working out to avoid feeling sluggish and getting an upset stomach. It’s also extremely important to make sure you are hydrated before you hit the gym. Try to drink two to three cups of water a few hours before you workout and remember to bring your water bottle with you. Then hydrate throughout the day to replace all the H20 you lost while sweating it out. No matter how you look at it, you should be eating and working out to feel healthy and good about yourself. Take a hint from this Beauty Note post and remember that being healthy is beautiful.

    • sunisthefuture

      Hi, Mary, Good tips! But I would avoid eating within 3 hours before practicing yoga.

    • Mary Richardson
      Mary Richardson


    • Christin Gaylord
      Christin Gaylord

      Ok question, I work out in the morning but hafta take medicine on an empty stomach. So I take my meds, head to the gym and eat almond butter/whole wheat tortilla 30 min. after. I know you will say "get up earlier" but that ain't gonna happen ;) Am I screwed?

    • Mike Lester
      Mike Lester


    The Anywhere Workout

    Go After Your Goal to Exercise More — Here's How!
    • Giovanna Ibias
      Giovanna Ibias

      Charlie Levinson we should do this :)

    • Sue Gagne Doyle
      Sue Gagne Doyle

      worth a try

    No Excuses Workout

    No-Excuses Workout
    • Tricia Eickelberg
      Tricia Eickelberg

      I like this plan!

    • Beth Anne Schwamberger
      Beth Anne Schwamberger

      Getting tired of workout videos that seem to have too much downtime and not enough intensity. Pinning and trying this workout now. Love going at my own pace and speeding things up!

    • Carolan Nunes-Ammirata
      Carolan Nunes-Ammirata

      Omg, I did this workout yesterday morning. It really does take you into the fat burning mode, or at least, that's the way I felt. I couldn't fall asleep last night due to my body still revving. I am 53 and very impressed with the simple, great variety and philosophy of this workout.