Loves Data Loves || Chinese Lunar Calendar Redesign on Behance #CNY #chinesenewyear #chinese #zodiac

Chinese Lunar Calendar Redesign on Behance. I like the way red is used to put accent.

12049729_1057837734227874_4996120378175330644_n もっと見る

Striking image~beautiful mix of photography as separate graphic elements to create a pattern.


Cafe "R-za Dokusho-kan" - coffee.peace & quiet, like Ghibli world, Koenji, Tokyo

宮沢賢治 生誕120周年|NENOUWASA/ねのうわさ

The inside of my brain.

2015.12.16 Release 【初回数量限定 ランチバッグ付】水曜日のダウンタウン ② #ダウンタウン #水曜日のダウンタウン

I like how weird this is! The people don't look like actual people, and there is hardly any value change in the colors. Super interesting to look at



The Complete Guide for How to Marry Text and Images In Your Designs – Design School

Cities of China via

I wish the Communist never simplified the Chinese characters. So many of the contemporary designs would benefit from the esthetics inherited by the thousand-year-old characters.