Getting Crafty with Borax

20 Mule Team Borax can be used for more than just household cleaning. Check out these craft ideas and enter our Pinterest sweepstakes for a chance to win $500!

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Getting Crafty with Borax

Getting Crafty with Borax

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Craft your home decor to match the seasons with our DIY Flower Jar. All you need is preserved flowers, a glass jar and mineral oil. Click through for a how-to guide on preserving flowers using 20 Mule Team Borax.

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WIN $500 in the #GettingCraftyWithBorax #Sweepstakes on Pinterest from 20 Mule Team Borax! Entry steps: 1. Create your own Pinterest board titled "Getting Crafty with Borax" 2. Pin at least one craft idea you'd like to try. (Need a suggestion? Check out 3. Submit your board URL at www.20muleteamlau...

Getting Crafty With Borax Sweepstakes
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How to Make Holiday Ornaments Using Borax Formations #GettingCraftyWithBorax

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  • trippygrandma23

    Trying this with the grandchildren!

  • Dick Christian
    Dick Christian

    one of the best products ever. ( And that's a long time!)

  • Laura Brewer
    Laura Brewer

    I use Borax for alot of things lol

  • Dick Christian
    Dick Christian

    Where are the mules?

  • TeddyBear Haar
    TeddyBear Haar

    I use Borax ALL the time. Best ever product for keeping my laundry Clean and fresh.

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How to Make Candle Wicks Using Borax #GettingCraftyWithBorax

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  • Caren Surber
    Caren Surber

    Thanks for the tips, I love making candles and this makes it easier

  • Mary Burns
    Mary Burns

    Also helps to rid the home of leviathans.

  • tina wilkes
    tina wilkes

    great idea!

  • trippygrandma23

    Awesome idea, thanks

  • Karen Ellis
    Karen Ellis

    can't wait to try this I love candles...

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How to Preserve Flowers Using Borax #GettingCraftyWithBorax

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  • trippygrandma23

    I am going to try this, thank you!

  • Debbie Ferguson
    Debbie Ferguson

    I have done this with drying sand, but I would like to try it with Borax.

  • Debbie Edge
    Debbie Edge

    gonna try this with some of the flowers from my daughters wedding bouquet

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    Joceline - Rent My Wedding


  • Rent My Wedding
    Rent My Wedding


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