Jill Fitzhenry

Jill Fitzhenry

Jill Fitzhenry
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Oreo Cookie Balls- 3 Ingredient Easy! ~ https://www.southernplate.com

Time is flying and Christmas is nipping at our heels. I've had a busy week with school parties and behind the scenes Southern Plate work so in order to help me



The Stevenson is a custom dining table, made from historic FSC certified old growth redwood with a black resin cast edge, and paired with our iron Y castings. Iron bowties and concealed walnut butterfly joints stabilize natural cracks in the wood.

This New Mother Mocktail is a delicious blend of juices perfect for recovering moms, baby showers, or any occasion that calls for a fruity drink!

These baby shower mocktails taste delicious. Just because the mom to be can't drink alcohol doesn't mean her party drinks have to be boring right?

Teach Peace Painted Rock - hand painted rock art gift unique geocaching by ImaginationCanada on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/535413523/teach-peace-painted-rock-hand-painted

Fresh from the waters of Lake Ontario, this rounded palm stone has been painted to convey a message of hope and optimism: Teach Peace! Painted carefully using premium acrylic paints, this finished product will not disappoint anyone receiving it.