DIY Seashell Candles

DIY Seashell Candles | Useful Tutorials

Enchanted Candles for Spring Festivals

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making olive oil candles

How to Make Olive Oil Candles

Tea Tin Candles - Recycle graphic tea tins by turning them into decorative candles—they make a great hostess gift! Instructions: #Candle_Tins #Tea_Tin_Candles #Christmas_gift_ideas #Christmas_present_idea

Making Candles in Tins

making Gel Candles...

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Making candles

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Making floating candles

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Still Life: Bent Objects », News, Augmented

DIY printed candles

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Tiered fireplace stand from Pottery Barn.

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Candles in tin cans wrapped with paper and twine.

a fine farmhouse

Mini Recycled Light Bulb Oil Lamp | RecycledLightCompany

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Such a great idea! Makes me wish I kept all my old candles now. Can't wait to try this. Who would have thought!

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Tea and candles-- two great ways to relax, combined! You could really do this with any fun container. #candle #teacup #DIY #craft #relax

Everything Fabulous: DIY: Teacups Candles