Barbie Clothes To Make

Barbie Clothes To Make

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Strapless Shell Gown for Fashion Doll Free Crochet Pattern from Maz Kwok Designs.

Crochet fashion doll strapless gown - Maz Kwok's Designs

Barbie Patterns Site 9 lots of different patterns

Barbie Patterns Site 9

Tutorial to make Barbie clothes, nice simple patterns and instructions, definitely nicer than some of the horrid store bought stuff!

barbie® clothes
  • Hilesca Hidalgo
    Hilesca Hidalgo

    I know the store bought stuff dont last long : (

  • Cindy Ryan
    Cindy Ryan

    and there expensive

  • Tricia

    I LOVE her blog, her clothes tutorials (for real girlies too!) are adorable.

  • Jennifer Anklam
    Jennifer Anklam

    how do i print it it is lovely

  • Carolina Prada
    Carolina Prada

    Lisa I just got 20 amazing dresses and 15 pairs of shoes from ebay for $34. If you are interested I will send you the link, they are to die for.

Make Barbie clothes! Tutorial

barbie clothes!


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Easy Barbie dress.

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Barbie clothes - free patterns!

Barbie Clothes with tutorial links - TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS
  • Heather O'Gorman
    Heather O'Gorman

    Oh how wonderful! Great idea for nieces & friend's & girlfriends


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Skirt and top

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  • Kathleen Harrell
    Kathleen Harrell

    Can't find directions or link for this...

Barbie Dress

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Ken outfit

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  • Alesha May
    Alesha May


Mermaid outfit

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Groovy Barbie caftan ;)

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Retro Barbie outfit

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Barbie sleeping bag

Sleeping bags for Barbie - Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting

Kelly dresses to knit and crochet

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Pajamas to crochet


Dress to crochet

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Barbie Snuggie To Crochet (LOL)

Craft Supplies | Welcome to a World of Inspiration | Make It Coats
  • Sarah Ryan
    Sarah Ryan


  • Sarah Ryan
    Sarah Ryan



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Barbie Skirt Pattern

Sew a Classic Doll Skirt with This Free Pattern

Printable Patterns (Dresses)

Free Printable Patterns for Brenda Starr / Tyler Wentworth

Shirred Dresses

The Frakers' Acres: I don't sew small