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Women who have changed the world

Women and rights

Women who have changed the world

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From 1897, at around 60 years of age, she was known as Mother Jones. In 1902 she was called "the most dangerous woman in America" for her success in organizing mine workers and their families against the mine owners. In 1903, upset about the lax enforcement of the child labor laws in the Pennsylvania mines and silk mills, she organized a Children's March from Philadelphia to the home of then President Theodore Roosevelt in New York.- wikipedia

Sunitha Krishnan. Krishnan has resolutely refused to let trauma destroy her. At 24, she founded Prajwala, an organization for the rescue and rehabilitation of victims of sex trafficking, in her native Hyderabad. Nineteen years later, the NGO has become the largest anti-trafficking shelter in the world, with 300 employees, 17 schools and medical care units for its HIV-positive residents. Krishnan’s team has provided more than 12,000 victims with counseling, medical treatment and jobs. Women rehab

The woman who turned the tables on rapists in India

Jacqueline Felicie (1290-d.after 1322) We know of this French healer due to the records from her trial when she was brought before the Inquisition by male physicians who felt threatened by her success. Felicie was well-liked, only accepting payment for her services if successful; she was also an advocate for women treating women. She was tried & found guilty of practicing medicine w/o a license & was forbidden from practicing medicine & excommunicated. She disappears from the records after that.

Sophie Bledsoe Aberle (21 July 1896 – October 1996) was a Native American anthropologist , physician and nutritionist. She received a Ph.D. in Genetics from Stanford University in 1927 and an M.D. from Yale University in 1930.[1] Aberle studied Native Americans in the southwestern U.S. She, and Dr. Gerty T. Cori, were appointed to the first National Science Board by President Truman in 1951. [2]

Sophie Bledsoe Aberle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Susan La Flesche Picotte Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story First Native American female physician

Susan La Flesche Picotte Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story

Janet Lynn Kavandi (July 17, 1959), a native of Carthage, Missouri, is an American scientist and a NASA astronaut. She is a veteran of three Space Shuttle missions and has served as NASA's Deputy Chief of the Astronaut Office.

Astronaut Bio: Janet L. Kavandi (6/2014)

An awesome, selfless, human being…

An awesome, selfless, human being…

Charlotte Black Elk is considered one of the most prominent American Indians and one of the great American intellects of any background. A scientist and lawyer, she has held positions in the National Science Foundation and the United Nations. She is considered one of the foremost authorities on Lakota history, religion, and culture.

Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin (1910-1994), chemist and one of the great crystallographers. She resolved the structure of Vitamin B-12, and, with J. D. Bernal, resolved the first crystal structure of a protein, pepsin.

Patricia Era Bath (born November 4, 1942, Harlem, New York) is an African American and Native American ophthalmologist, inventor and academic. She has broken ground for women and African Americans in a number of areas. Prior to Bath, no woman had served on the staff of the Jules Stein Eye Institute, headed a post-graduate training program in ophthalmology or been elected to the honorary staff of the UCLA Medical Center (an honor bestowed on her after her retirement).

Patricia Bath - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wendy Rose (born May 7, 1948) is a Hopi/Miwok writer. Having grown up in an environment which placed little emphasis on her Native American background, much of her verse deals with her search for her personal identity as a Native American. She is also an anthropologist, artist, and social scientist.

Wendy Rose ~ Hopi/Miwok

In 1921 a group of several thousand women marched across the coalfields of southeast Kansas in courageous protest against unfair labor laws and practices. Mary Skubitz, a leader of the march, was arrested.

"At Last", cover on 'The Suffragist', Saturday, June 21, 1919. In September 1918 President Wilson endorsed the amendment granting women the right to vote. It took nine months from Wilson's endorsement until Congress passed the amendment in June 1919. Nearly 100 years have passed and we will not have elected one of our own as President of the "Free" world!

Dr. Frances Dick, 1st woman to practise medicine in NSW, Sydney, c.1892. photograph by J. Hubert Newman. Dr Frances Dick graduated from London School of Medicine for Women & the University of Ireland. Her qualifications included: LSA (Lond) 1891 & MB Bac Surg, Royal University of Ireland 1891. She was the 1st woman to practise medicine in NSW preceding Dr M A Corliss by a few months. She was registered on 13 January, 1892. State Lib of NSW

Evelyn Fox Keller on how gender plays a significant role in the language that scientists use:

Evelyn Fox Keller: The Gendered Language of Science |

CANADA: Governor General Michaelle Jean - first Black Governor of Canada. Women we admire; influential women in history #Lottie dolls #herstory

The only woman buried in the Special Forces cemetery at Fort Bragg, NC. Martha Raye,#Martha Raye,#hero,#soldier,#special forces,#Fort Bragg,#Academy Award,#USO,#Korean War,#Vietnam War#What's My Line

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Yeonmi Park

North Korea Is Really Messed Up

Diane Richardson and Margaret Griffen, two of Selma's nonviolent warriors.

.October 26, 1994 Beverly Harvard became the first Black woman to run a major police department when she was appointed Atlanta’s police chief on this date. Harvard began her distinguished career in 1973 as a patrol officer and worked her way through the ranks, serving in a number of posts within the department.

During the years of World War II, when there was a shortage of male workers, unions made special efforts to integrate the female rank and file into their organizations through education programs. Both the UE and the UAW set up several women's conferences and both published pamphlets and other educational materials especially for women. This is the cover of the UAW Education Department's magazine, Ammunition, August 1944. - WWII propaganda photograph USA, women war workers, suffrage, vote, voting

World War II women workers, 1940s, such beautiful young women - Image

Euzhan Palcy - the first black woman to direct a Hollywood feature film.

Euzhan Palcy - IMDb

This little girl is a hero. There is no age limit to have wisdom, and especially no age limit to receive honor.

Private Cathay Williams was the only woman to serve in the US Army as a Buffalo Soldier. On November 15, 1866 she enlisted in the Army as a man. Williams reversed her name William Cathay and lived as a male soldier and served until she was found out due to the last of many illnesses she suffered while a serving. She is the only documented black woman known to have served in the Army during these times when enlisting women was prohibited