The best concepts in visual communication
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art direction | plant curlers

Plant Grooming by Vanessa McKeown, one of many playful photographs accessorizing plants and food or combining them in unexpected ways.

The princes and their voices

disney princes and their voice actors.the guy who's the voice of mulan is one of the actors on law and order? andddd steve from full house is aladdin!

"When you are homeless the world looks different – The Miami Rescue Mission." An Inconvenient Truth For Copywriters: How To Write Headlines And Why Your Career Depends On It

Crispin & Porter produced this wonderfully minimalist campaign for a homeless mission in Miami

sonia rentsch

Natures got a gun and not afraid to use it! Harmless Weapons Made of Plants by Sonia Rentsch weapons sculpture plants illustration guns

Ogilvy's New Campaign for Expedia Makes Great Use of Airport Luggage Tags

A fantastic print campaign for Expedia by Ogilvy & Mather that uses airport IATA codes to form clever travel-related phrases. There are over three-letter IATA codes for airports around the world to sort through and find witty copy.

Creative ‘Reveals’ Women’s Bathroom Sign Figure Is Not Wearing A Dress -

You only assumed that pictograph person was wearing a dress! Creative Reveals Women’s Bathroom Sign Figure Is Wearing a Super Cape

The History Channel's advertising campaign... incredible

The History Channel's advertising campaign. incredible Wanna go to all these places.


Harmless by Sonia Rentsch

From her series 'Harm Less' - Harmless weapons made of plants by artist artist Sonia Rentsch who defuses the powers of modern weaponry by constructing guns, grenades and bullets completely from organic objects.