Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

Ideas for chic on the cheap... furnish your consignment, resale or thrift shop with more style than $. From web host Kate Holmes of the Family of Sites for the Professional Resaler

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Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

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Read Auntie Kate about fluffing up an empty store in between consignment seasons? auntiekate.wordpr... Here's another great example of how to do that!

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If your resale or consignment shop has an awkward entry, maybe this idea of a painted tree/ changeable leaves could work for you, suggests Heck, I can even see mini price tags with SALE written on them :)

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Too Good to be Threw believes even closets can SELL!

The dollars per square foot are sky-high!

Which colors look good together. Use this chart to help customers, says, or as a guide for STUNNING displays!

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Great example of a shop owner photo, complete with the shop's name! Watch for an article on how to take great shots of yourself on the consignment / resale blog at AuntieKate.wordpr...

Mary's Living & Giving

This consignment shop is OOB now, but never mind. I wanted to show you how MUCH more interesting a wall of handbags AND shoes looks. Why separate, says, when they look so much more enticing together? (Also note the pair with the shoe box...)

PPF Consignment Store -
  • Connie Keen
    Connie Keen

    Ooooohhhhhh but the dusting!

  • Kate Holmes
    Kate Holmes

    No, no, Connie... this is for a consignment or resale shop... things sell so fast, you only have to dust when you replace the sold $85 shoes with a new incoming pair for $129! LOL

There's nothing so chaotic as a consignment or resale shop in full flower, so presents: Organizational tips to save time and sanity

Consignment Mini-Tips

SO much nicer than those horrid plastic signs many consignment shopkeepers buy at Costco or wherever, says Kate Holmes of

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Think this was a recycled art contest! winner.... could also in spire a consignment or resale shop window, wall, even a unique paint job on the building, says Too Good to be Threw

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Tuck this onto your consignment -shop-sign - inspiration board, suggests Next time you need a pilon or message board sayin, Remember: It Doesn't Have to be New to be AWESOME!

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  • Kate Holman
    Kate Holman

    Have printed this out for my idea books. Thanks

  • Cindy Somerville
    Cindy Somerville

    Love it!

Got a pole to disguise in your kidswear resale or consignment shop? found this! The right shades of yellow-pencil and pink-eraser, plus a bit of air duct tubing = super fun giant pencils.

Art Projects for Kids: Hallway Pencil Poles

At some point, this shop will probably replace those table displays with fixtures that can hold more merchandise. But notice how wisely they chose the tables: modular, so they can be used for window displays!

Empty Store? Pish-posh. No such thing!

Bracelet Display Stands: says just cut circles out of poster board. Click for more details!

2 Good Claymates: Easy to Make Bracelet Display Stands

Wouldn't this be a fun sales counter, cash wrap for a consignment or resale shop... especially if the shop was named Top Drawer or Dresser or the Closet, asks The drawers don't even need to be functional from the customer side....

Montana hyllsystem för golv - snow/antracit

Empty store for the moment? Angle a large table in the center of your consignment or resale shop to use as a focal display area, suggests Kate Holmes of Too Good to be Threw

Empty Store? Pish-posh. No such thing!

Cafe lights strung back-and-forth, them merchandised with earrings on cards, fills a spare wall area with delight in your consignment shop!

Empty Store? Pish-posh. No such thing!
  • Elizabeth Fowler
    Elizabeth Fowler

    string lights - add clothes pins with earring cards - behind table

TGtbT. has often wondered if a 2nd consignment shop location could be JUST these little things! Enjoy Little Things Shoes Handbags Jewelry

Vinyl Wall Lettering Quotes Enjoy Little Things Shoes Handbags Jewelry

This little corner gazebo, thinks, would make a terrific "Grandma's Corner" for special items in a childrenswear consignment shop, or (with some bright paint and tassels) a Boho Gypsy or funky vintage corner in a womenswear resale shop...

Manage Your Markdowns!
  • Rose Tove
    Rose Tove


  • Designer Clothing Closet
    Designer Clothing Closet

    Very Cute Set Up!

Too Good to be Threw thinks this would be a perfect decor decal for a dressing room in your consignment shop... and it's only $17

Do More Of What Makes You Happy Quote

Your consignment or resale shop decor doesn't need to be expensive to look good! Stenciling pegboard makes it look custom. also ADORES "polka dotting" pegboard with several dark shades of paint and a (hold on to your hat) pencil eraser as the "stamp"! Disguises the regularity of the holes and makes it look aMAZING!

Pinned from says "I thought these were no longer available for consignment shops... delighted to find them at Mannequin Madness, one of my favorite resale suppliers!"

Female Heads

I am lucky to know, thru my site, SO many resale, thrift, and consignment shopkeepers who are goddesses... and this is how definitely how they roll!

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13 pointers to take a flat lay photo of your merchandise...or even your lunch! Consignment & resale shopkeepers... this is SUCH an easy way to look professional, says

How to take a flat lay photo

Inspiration for the entry wall of a chidrenswear consignment or resale shop, thinks painted wall mural using acrylic craft paints:)

Life Made Lovely » Blog

How to mix prints. Great info sheet for the staff who do your consignment, resale or thrift displays, says, to encourage them to BE BOLDER! Blah displays never get shoppers excited....

How to mix prints Via