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Ideas for chic on the cheap... furnish your consignment, resale or thrift shop with more style than $. From web host Kate Holmes of the Family of Sites for the Professional Resaler
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3.79k Followers wants you to notice individual clothing racks are slightly angled rather than flat against the walls

Empty Store? Pish-posh. No such thing!

Using yardage and a big, 3D wall ornament like this star, a consignment shop makes a "spare room" into a true showcase. suggests that such simple & inexpensive touches increase the perceived value of your merchandise.

Recycling store fixtures in resale & consignment shops

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Stealing ideas from Amazon

Create a close-up photo background with a shabby chic shutter, says Too Good to be Threw. Perfect for resale, thrift, consignment shops with a chippy vibe!

Friday Top 5: To Shutter…

Know all those silk scarves/ pareos/ shawls that aren't perfect enough to sell? Wouldn't they make, says, a perfect way to call attention to your take-in counter or a secondary room in your consignment shop?

inspired by: inga powilleit.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin photo perfectly illustrates Too Good to be Threw's Weird & Wonderful merchandising at

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Features

A “Simple solution” photo tip for the home decor/ furniture consignment and resale shops, from the blog. More:

Cluster for impact agreed! Some people say laughter is the best medicine, but I say it's cute new shoes, or a new purse!!

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This really isn't a dress form...but it could make a wonderful attention-getter in front of your consignment or resale shop with seasonal aprons, says The Premier Site for Professional Resalers

DIY Dress Form from Chicken Wire

Drink up! Then save those wine bottles as a prop for your consignment or resale shop's jewelry photos, suggests Kate Holmes of Too Good to be Threw

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Wouldn't this be a fun shoe department display for a resale or consignment shop! Oh, if only, says, we had the room to spare (and the mannequins :) )


Adding new inventory to your sales floor can take your business to the next level, both in terms of revenue, and more importantly, profit.

Is adding new merchandise to your resale shop a good idea?

Pegboard can be so useful for displaying artwork, handbags, scarves, but SO utilitarian looking. Paint, a bit of disguise with LOTS of stuff hanging... Too Good to be Threw says try it, you might like it.

Creative Nightstand Storage Ideas

"Disguise" pegboard with thios paint idea. Another, simpler idea? ADD "holes" by dipping a pencil eraser-ends on slightly lighter, and slightly darker, paint, and stipple away, so the pegboard hole regularity is understated, says

Pegboard Display

What a statement piece for your consignment or resale shop! If this is sold by the time you see it, says Kate Holmes of, you'll have to create one of your own.

70% off sale Country Dazzled Doilies/ A plethora of vintage for your boudoir!

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Another shoe sign to add to our consignment and resale collection on the TGtbT blog!

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These are tin ceiling tiles.... but a good inspiration if you have stained acoustical tiling in your consignment shop & want to disguise them without the expense of replacing: brush them with several related colors!

A Designer's Haunt in Greenwich Village: Remodelista

Found an old dress form for your consignment or resale shop, but it's not as pristine as you'd like it to be? found this for you: stretch jersey "slipcovers"... a clever idea from our friends at Mannequin Madness

Dress Form Cover: Red talks about "filling up" a too-spacious consignment shop.

Empty Store? Pish-posh. No such thing!

Need a powerful display in your consignment or resale shop? asks Too Good to be Threw. Painted peg board, frame. Add the hooks and your 'picture' can change every day!

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Notice how the back of this Necklace Display has pegs to hold any necklace at the proper length for display. Would be \very handy in your consignment or resale shop, says

Necklace Display, 14" x 9" , necklace Holder, Jewelry Dsiplay tapered, Industrial Necklace Display, Necklace display bust,

Read Auntie Kate about fluffing up an empty store in between consignment seasons? Here's another great example of how to do that!

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If your resale or consignment shop has an awkward entry, maybe this idea of a painted tree/ changeable leaves could work for you, suggests Heck, I can even see mini price tags with SALE written on them :)

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Too Good to be Threw believes even closets can SELL!

The dollars per square foot are sky-high!