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Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

Ideas for chic on the cheap... furnish your consignment, resale or thrift shop with more style than $. From web host Kate Holmes of the Family of Sites for the Professional Resaler

Have a tired, scarred, out-of-date mannequin? As is, she probably doesn't do much for the image of your consignment or resale shop. So take inspiration from Betsey Johnson's mannequin in paint, doodles, photographs & flowers!

Don't remember where I got this photo: but isn't it great for a consignment or resale shop? You'll be the talk of the town, thinks Too Good to be Threw!

Add shelf space without buying more shelf units for your back room, or during a temporary booth set-up, says Auntie Kate of

I'd forgotten this blog post about finding inspiration everywhere until Boutique Window reminded me! Ideas for your consignment or resale shop from Auntie Kate

Decoupaged Styrofoam balls, white-washed flower pots, and chic little neck ties equal some great hat stands, thinks Too Good to be Threw. Or try different paper for the decoupage, natural clay pots, and a few silk leaves for trim for your consignment shop if it's more eco... or silvered pots for urban chic.... variations are endless!

Who wants this painted on their resale shop wall? Or their consignment shop window? is adoring this! It's by Lovisa Burfitt of Milan www.auraphotoagen...

  • Glenda Polak

    Love it! We have a small sign that says....Should have bought it when I saw it!

Take a look at this screen: If you need to hide a messy back room or hall, haul out an extra clothing rack and outfit it with a curtain, shower curtain, or even, if your consignment shop is rustic, a wide swath of muslin or burlap! is full of ideas that are sensible, cheap... and maybe right for your resale shop! says this looks like a paper-towel thingie, but really, it's a display for headbands or necklaces: Cover PVC pipe with fabric and use a weighty candle stick as the base!, the Premier Site for Professional Resalers, loves this giant "pegboard" for a behind-the-counter display. Easy to use, graphic, and quick to change out as you sell down!

An industrial approach to track lighting in your consignment or resale shop. could see this in a "recycled" or "urban chic"-branded shop, can't you?

Who knew? asks Too Good to be Threw Make shelves from stair treads and corbels, both cheap at Home Depot.

Got a kidswear consignment or resale shop? suggests: Coat the back of your welcome sign in your entry with chalk paint, and every day, choose another rib-tickling way to say goodbye to your littlest customers!

Look at all the ideas for your consignment or resale shop that Auntie Kate The Resale Expert can find in just one photo! hates to throw ANYthing away. Start saving those too-awful-to-sell handbags & totes, turn into flower pots come spring!

Turn your consignment, resale, or thrift jewelry into gift suggestions for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or holidays. Using colorful notecards for earring display, wrapping paper and doilies to make your show case shine like a jewel! Quick, easy, and with a WOW factor that'll make customers buy!

Hat Display. Shrink wrap styrofoam balls and glue to candle holders. A neat idea from a neat shop!

Source for this wire wig stand (= hat stand) The 2 pcs snap together, so perhaps they UNsnap for storage? thinks that at $5 each, these might be just what consignment and resale shops need.

The simplest dressing room of all for your consignment or resale shop, says , especially if your customer is a guy slipping into chinos or a recalcitrant child whose mother insists she try that dress on!

Interesting! Price/ Description Card with built-in easel to use in your showcases. More on consignment, resale shop showcases: auntiekate.wordpr...

Love these dressing rooms, the lighting, the decor on top of the walls, even the oversized numbers! Would something like this give your consignment or resale shop a little word-of-mouth appeal, asks AuntieKate.wordpr... ?

Make your resale shop show cases look, and sell, better with

Deciding you're not going to stay where you are is the best first step!

Simple risers create almost a "city skyline" and can be scaled to fit in a show case. These are carefully cut stock lumber, but paper-wrapped boxes work well too. Try using your consignment shop colors, or use seasonal hues, says, Too Good to be Threw

What a great consignment, resale or thrift shop prop, says Dressmaker form from an old floor lamp, chicken wire and a hanger.

Wow. Is this a great sign for your foyer, or what? A consignment, resale, and thrift shop tip from !