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Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

Ideas for chic on the cheap... furnish your consignment, resale or thrift shop with more style than $. From web host Kate Holmes of the Family of Sites for the Professional Resaler

Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

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Wouldn't this be a fun sales counter, cash wrap for a consignment or resale shop... especially if the shop was named Top Drawer or Dresser or the Closet, asks The drawers don't even need to be functional from the customer side....

Montana hyllsystem för golv - snow/antracit

Empty store for the moment? Angle a large table in the center of your consignment or resale shop to use as a focal display area, suggests Kate Holmes of Too Good to be Threw

Empty Store? Pish-posh. No such thing!

Cafe lights strung back-and-forth, them merchandised with earrings on cards, fills a spare wall area with delight in your consignment shop!

Empty Store? Pish-posh. No such thing!

TGtbT. has often wondered if a 2nd consignment shop location could be JUST these little things! Enjoy Little Things Shoes Handbags Jewelry

Vinyl Wall Lettering Quotes Enjoy Little Things Shoes Handbags Jewelry

This little corner gazebo, thinks, would make a terrific "Grandma's Corner" for special items in a childrenswear consignment shop, or (with some bright paint and tassels) a Boho Gypsy or funky vintage corner in a womenswear resale shop...

Manage Your Markdowns!

Too Good to be Threw thinks this would be a perfect decor decal for a dressing room in your consignment shop... and it's only $17

Do More Of What Makes You Happy Quote

Your consignment or resale shop decor doesn't need to be expensive to look good! Stenciling pegboard makes it look custom. also ADORES "polka dotting" pegboard with several dark shades of paint and a (hold on to your hat) pencil eraser as the "stamp"! Disguises the regularity of the holes and makes it look aMAZING! says "I thought these were no longer available for consignment shops... delighted to find them at Mannequin Madness, one of my favorite resale suppliers!"

I am lucky to know, thru my site, SO many resale, thrift, and consignment shopkeepers who are goddesses... and this is how definitely how they roll!

13 pointers to take a flat lay photo of your merchandise...or even your lunch! Consignment & resale shopkeepers... this is SUCH an easy way to look professional, says

How to take a flat lay photo

Inspiration for the entry wall of a chidrenswear consignment or resale shop, thinks painted wall mural using acrylic craft paints:)

Life Made Lovely » Blog

How to mix prints. Great info sheet for the staff who do your consignment, resale or thrift displays, says, to encourage them to BE BOLDER! Blah displays never get shoppers excited....

How to mix prints Via

What’s wrong with this picture? Click to see what Auntie Kate has to say.

What's wrong with this picture?

If your consignment shop has "bare" ends to rod runs, consider this: decorative brackets (which don't actually support anything) to make your shop look finished. These are metal, thinks, but even the "Victorian" wooden brackets from a big-box home-improvement store could work...

Some resale, thrift and consignment shopkeepers so loved the attention-getting ideas from an earlier post about getting shoppers into your back room, that they wanted ideas on actually how to make back rooms out of.... click to read Auntie Kate's ideas

DIY: Make a "back room" for your resale shoppers

Iron fabric to your walls for a quick, removable decor. In your consignment shop windows, your resale foyer, your thrift shop vignette: Too Good to be Threw loves quick, easy, cheap ways to make your shop stand out from the crowd!

Fabric Wall Art…..create your own!

You want to get your displayed items as close to eye level as possible. Stuff that you put on the bottom shelves typically does not sell very well. (so be sure to ROTATE it to higher shelves!)

Retail & Display | AJ's Trash2Treasure BLOG

No need to be bored. Follow's advice and you'll be so busy, you'll never be bored again. Guaranteed.

Are you FILING your consignment merchandise or FEATURING it? Here’s a test. If a browser can walk through your shop with her hands in her pockets, never tempted to reach out a touch a teapot, stroke a sundress, caress a couch… your store’s uninspiring. Click for more from auntiekate.wordpr...

Filing things at your consignment shop, or featuring for resale?

Continue the conversation with your consignment customers with a Facebook page! Best advice from Auntie Kate, the Resale Guru

Hey, us consignment shop owners believe in reusing EVERYTHING says! If you're replacing your shoe racks with new ones, recycle the old ones! Makes a perfect stand to store gardening and home repair tools.

Old Shoe Rack Turned Gardening and Tool Stand - The Creek Line House

Clip-on lighting in several styles for slat wall and for grids. Looks awfully handy for your consignment or resale shop, says The Premier Site for Professional Resalers!

Display Lighting for Slatwall & Gridwall - S.T. Lighting LLC.

The January Curse of Successful Consignment & Resale Shops: Fluffing! See what has to say about this on their blog for Professional Resalers

The January Curse of Successful Resale Shops: Fluffing

Take advantage of those who love to snap and post online: make a mirror like this for them to use! (and include your consignment or resale shop's name and URL! An idea to boost your shop from The Premier Site for Professional Resalers

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Sometimes, creating a "back room" in your shop is brilliant merchandising. Click to read more. Open-air department for a resale, thrift or consignment shop

DIY: Make a "back room" for your resale shoppers