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Focus on the mannequin: Is this not cute? You could use other styles of pointing hands, of course, depending on your consignment or resale shop's branding, says

Make your consignment shop window into a woods... Tree Coat Stands... add just 2-3 items. Very chic and suave, says The Premier Site for Professional Resalers.

What a happy window display border! Balloons cut from paper (note the edges are highlighted and LOTS of dangly curly ribbon! can see this for spring, any celebration, kidswear windows, even (in yellow and red) as SALE balloons!

Your shop window, guarantees, NEEDS this lighting hack. Doesn't matter what you sell... this DIY fixture is worth its weight in gold (well, it doesn't weigh a whole lot, but your consignment and resale shoppers will adore it... talk about it... tell their friends about it... ) Do It!

Here's a sale-time idea for shops with dress forms or mannequins in their shop window displays: Get some custom pageant sashes made with any message you like: SALE*SALE*SALE or Our CLEARANCE is a BEAUT! Click for one supplier of these beauty queen ribbons that found for you.

Could your consignment or thrift shop display window use a column of light to attract attraction after hours? How about this, asks Too Good to be Threw. Assorted orphan lampshades stacked & lit from within (don't you love the stars?)

Just change the wording, says The Premier Site for Professional Resalers, to "and a great outfit... new armchair... cute baby outfit..." for terrific word of mouth from your consignment shop window display!

Billy Reed store in Atlanta: Full-length windows + platform + full length sheers gathered and puddled... thinks this is a perfect, upscale solution for consignment shops!

Remember making these construction paper lanterns in grade school? Imagine a flock of them in your shop window to color up your customers' world! loves practically-free ways to make your consignment or resale shop stand out from the crowd!

Consignment & resale shops need displays that will stop shoppers in their tracks! gives some ideas in their blog for Professional Resalers...

THIS is what every consignment, thrift, and resale shop needs to announce the coming of SPRING, says !!! Color Cloud with just one or two BRIGHT pieces of merchandise beneath. Such a relief after all that nasty white snow.

Is it spring yet? It can be… in your shop windows! A crafty idea from the Professional Resaler Blog brought to you by Too Good to be Threw

Sustainable, stylish, sensible display lettering. Not sure how they did it, but would suggest cut-out cardboard letters glue-dotted to window, then a nice swipe of tempera paint, then removing the letters? Maybe April McCrumb from catching fireflies will tell us! (I love her style...)

If you have, or want, closed-back display windows for your consignment or resale shop, here's a fun idea!! suggests that the clothes line could be made with black contact paper, leaving 3 or 5 spots to pin a few items.

Would this be a wonderful back wall for a vintage shop window display, says AuntieKate.wordpr... , or for photo sessions?!?

This Canadian blogger used one of my photos in a round-up! From auntiekate.wordpr... hanging rods display clothing items and accessories easily. Simple to make from pipe or poles of any ...

We were talking about bikes and consignment / resale shopping at auntiekate.wordpr... : here's one for a holiday window (switch out the winter-specific props, add summer-specific, and what a great 4th of July window too!) thinks this snowman garland would be the perfect decor for your consignment, resale, thrift shop window in most parts of the country right now!

Slide lanterns onto rope lighting for a creative twist on decorating.

You don't have to go far to Shop Local... you can do it on a bike!

Love these whimsical props "sketched" with felt markers on foamcore then cut out, says . What could YOUR consignment or resale shop do with this idea?

Love it! Paper plate "buttons"! Shown here as party decor, but why not your window display for your consignment shop sale, themed "Button Up The Savings"? Add this to your promotions file, which of course already has "229 Promotional Events for Resale & Consignment Shops":

SALE arrows pointing towards your consignment, thrift or resale shop entrance: thinks this would make a traffic-stopping display window!

Teeny store window with great display! says what makes this special are the white painted swirls around the edges and the ribbon curtain backdrop! More Window Display Ideas for Resale & Consignment in the Products for the Professional Resaler

Make a window that will carry you from October through Thanksgiving with just a swap-out of merchandise., for consignment and resale shopkeepers, says These strings of fall leaves are easy to make and easily stored for next year