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Good window display if your consignment or resale shop is at that awkward in-between-seasons point. A bike with accessories! Found for you at Swirl Mkting by

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So simple, so word-of-mouth-y! highly recommends this summer consignment or resale shop window display. Clothes, clothesline, clothespins disguised with big bold fabric daisies! 'summer of love' window display

WINDOW DISPLAY . SUMMER OF LOVE - Bicyclette Boutique // Blog

DON'T LOOK , You know how customers always seem to want to do the opposite of what you want them to? If your consignment or resale shop is in a pedestrian-friendly location, this would be SO much fun, says The Premier Site for Resale Professionals.

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Birch trees made of foam core and paint. Great fall/winter idea for your shop window. says unique and non-holiday-hackneyed.

Pinned from loves this window signage for several reasons: It's easy to do (print out a letter per piece of card stock paper, cut 'em out and pin them up to give your display a theme), it's cheap, and if you use as your store sign it might well avoid regulations.... it'll sure avoid a BIG expense starting out!

SHaBBy!: **BeSt STORE FRONT** ~ Cedarburg Wisconsin...

How about making a "ransom note" sign for your window, muses "We have your winter coat" ..."favorite jeans"..."perfect wall art"... and tying it into your ads and social media, adding "and we don't ask a king's ransom for it either!"

Window Displays | Cedar Signs

It's hard to know what to display in your consignment shop window when it's in-between-seasons time, says Too Good to be Threw at This end-of-summer, longing-for-fall outfit is perfect.

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This would be an incredible consignment shop window display backdrop, thinks Auntie Kate of Click for a video how-to, from lumber to screens! twinkling branches room divider

twinkling branches room divider | Search Results

Auntie Kate The Resale Expertfrom Auntie Kate The Resale Expert

Paint your windows.

Perk up your displays with paint! Here's how to window paint, a collection of resources from, the blog for Professional Resalers and consignment shopkeepers.

Paint your windows.

Auntie Kate The Resale Expertfrom Auntie Kate The Resale Expert

Paint your windows.

Need some flowers to adorn your consignment shop summer windows? These are made out of coffee filters! Click for more ideas from

How to Make Your Own Sunshine - Inner Child Fun

What an easy way to make a WOW consignment window display! loves draping crepe paper streamers over fishing line for a dramatic display background/ foreground

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What a clever window display, from Karen's Kloset in Champaign IL. Note to Self: Buy New Wardrobe... and the mannequin's wearing a Post-It note dress!

Karen's Kloset

1930s store window display: Note the price cards!

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Kate Holmes usually alters the caption in Pins, so consignment & resale shops enjoy them, but this caption says it all as far as window and shop displays go! "This is genius!! You can do that with everything!"

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Fun signage for your summer window displays. suggests that as each week progresses, check off one more activity, using the theme for your merchandise display: e.g. "Bonfire at the beach"= summer sweaters & jeans, "Concert in the park" = sweet dresses, "Pool party" = picnic table, pitchers, colorful glasses and trays.... click for SCADS more display window ideas in our Products for the Professional Resaler

A Thoughtful Place

The Garden Glovefrom The Garden Glove

Creative Garden Sign Ideas and Projects

Fill a window in your consignment shop, says, with casual wear and/or garden furniture & accessories, add watering cans and this message!

Creative Garden Sign Ideas and Projects | The Garden Glove

Catching Fireflies does more with their 2 mannequins and old doors than Anthropology, in the opinion of Plus, they show you how! How generous is THAT! Click for how to make the pompoms...which could also be for Homecoming or turn into flowers or Christmas ornaments...

Spring Window Display | creative gift ideas & news at catching fireflies

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

31 Bar & Coffee Shop Sidewalk Signs That Are Actually Funny

I'm thinking this chalkboard message could be edited for consignment and resale shops, says (The rest of the signs are pretty funny, too.)

31 Bar & Coffee Shop Sidewalk Signs That Are Actually Funny

Need a window display featuring travel? Or, one that says you're away? Dress your mannequin/ dress form in maps. No mannequin? Cut dress shapes OUT of maps and tape to the window glass. Don't sell dresses? Cut some chairs and lamps out of maps!

AAA Dining Discounts, Restaurant Discounts with AAA Member Deals

This window is maybe too elaborate for consignment/ resale shop display, but it got thinking: If you have mannequins, could you create a little "water" for them to wade in, with blue cellophane and a painted wave top? They could be wearing anything from sundresses to bathing suits... and your signage could be Wade into Style with MyShop!"



Party Pom-Pom Projects

If you're promoting resortwear in your consignment shop, these DIY Pom-Pom Branches might be ideal! says bright colors shout cruise/ resort but they also call to mind spring flowers... for those shoppers who aren't going on vacay, but simply yearning for warm weather!

Party Pom-Pom Projects

Need a window backdrop? thinks this is an eye-catching yet subtle way to catch the eyes of consignment window shoppers. Overlapping sheers. To make it a bit less formal, let some of the panels drape a bit more loosely

Picasa Web Albums - Elena August - модели штор и...

Auntie Kate The Resale Expertfrom Auntie Kate The Resale Expert

Have a heart, times two. Perfect window for your consignment shop.

Have a heart, times two. Perfect window for your consignment shop. Click through for 2 more ideas from Too Good to be Threw ! | Auntie Kate The Resale Expert

Pinned from is thinking this Bamboo white frosted self adhesive window contact paper, 18" wide, might make a great border or divider "panel" in consignment shop display windows which are simply TOO large. The bamboo design is elegant, pure, and ecological, so it's really suited for resale! | Privacy Window Film Decorative Adhesive Vinyl Glass Covering

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For those with "Christmas tree" dress form displays for the holidays... start gathering paper-covered wire hangers for this idea: "Time to bring in your Spring Fashions!" ('s tip: fashion a skirt of pliable chicken wire, then simply hang LOTS of hangers... if you need to buy them wholesale, they're called "caped hangers")

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