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jumping in a figure eight pattern, helps with turning, bending, and practicing on getting lead changes.

Practice Maintaining Impulsion on Course with the Over Fences Horse Journals. tricky pattern but effecitive to slow a speedy horse down and ensure they are listening well.

braideez braiding tutorial | horse show week

Braideez Braiding Tutorial - Horse braiding made simple by Schneiders Saddlery

Training aid for bridless riding....Red doesn't need much training for it since he already does it but good to know for cues!

Another Bridleless Riding and Communication Tool: The Tellington TTouch Balance Rein

Balloon ACTHA obstacle. My horse and I have some work to do!

Nice way to give a permanent log obstacle a twist and a "funner" appearance for a special event.

Walking Chance through pool noodles, next will trot him through then raise it for him to jump through... Today he walked through without lead following my cues

Walking through pool noodles, next will trot through then raise it for him to jump through. I would do this type of stuff if I had my own horse:/ Pierre Larson

Home Made Horse Toys!

Make Home Made Horse treats. Links to other home made enrichment toys/treats

Leg Yielding

I find this so interesting and cool I love lateral movements in warm up! Really makes hot horses think which therefore makes them more obedient and relax💚