Shannon Contreras

Shannon Contreras

Shannon Contreras
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Back-to-School Flip Book

Post loaded with ideas to include in a BTS flip book for Meet the Teacher! The students could assemble on the first day as you go through everything. After getting it signed by their parents they could glue it in the front of their notebooks.

Division games - Race to the Moon. A division game to help you practice your division facts to 10x10

Here is our selection of Math Division Games for kids. These games will support your child in learning their division Math facts to or to in a fun and enjoyable way by the Math Salamanders.

FREEBIE - Division Games from by Games 4 Learning. Contains 2 printable NO PREP Division Games

Division math skill: This is a great game for students to have fun but learn to solve division as well. Players answer division facts as they race to the cupcakes!