Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/162194672/hammered-double-loop-nose-ring-in-gold

Double Loop Nose Ring Coil in gold, rose gold or sterling silver (for single pierced nostril) on Etsy

A double nose #piercing and #medusa Lets be honest though, her freckles make the picture. :)

A double nose piercing and medusa. - like the piercings, still thinking about the medusa.

Gold Double Nose Ring Lip Ring Fake Piercing w/ Free by Junylie, $3.75

Gold Double Nose Ring Lip Ring Fake Piercing Fake Hoops from Junylie. Shop more products from Junylie on Wanelo.


I love the dainty septum ring and nude lip color here. I love seeing heavily tattooed girls and them overly girlying it up to have a contrast.

#Rook #Piercing #Bodycandy #Bodymodification #Beauty

Rook Peircing, i have really considered getting one, but ive decided to wait and my next peircing is going to be a conch peircing.