Peach blossoms are so much fun to work with when designing the floral crowns. They are a simplistic, yet fresh and beautiful flower that can be pair with just about anything. I have. Some fun ideas are in store for the future with peach blossoms.

someones been practicing their yoga. look at that balance! :)

squirrels We always has these around mom's bird feeder. Always pigs. There was a in the house for target practice. But it is a memory of my father and brother, that are no longer with me.

I woke up today smelling the autumn leaves and the fresh air, my planet is so pretty. Don't kill me, I did nothing wrong to you, my life is important to me just as much as yours is to you and your loved ones. Be thankful for the be

one of a kind every snow flake. I love getting out my magnifying glass when a really dry snow storm comes through. The snowflakes are soooooo amazing to look at! Another cool thing about living in Utah :)

~Autumn~ "Nature's children scamper about in search of manna for their winter pantries . Photograph by Nicole Barge

Too cute

Animal footprints in the snow are one of my favorite things about winter.