34 Degrees Crisps

Using a handful of natural ingredients, we carefully bake our wafer-thin crackers until they are subtly toasty and overtly tasty. We make five savory varieties…
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three boxes of crackers sitting next to each other on a yellow background with the words create a spread that is the occasion
Create A Spread that is the Occasion
Our Entertaining Crisps complement any pairing & any flavor, from mild meats and cheeses to spicy spreads to just about anything in between.
chips, apples and other snacks on a table with the text get ready for a happier hour
34 Degrees | The Crisp You Can't Resist
There is always an occasion for 34 Degrees!
mini cheesecakes with cranberry sauce on top are ready to be eaten
Mini Goat Cheese Cheesecakes
onions, onion and garlic on a plate with a carton of mayonnaise
34 Degrees | The Crisp You Can't Resist
When you learn that National Onion Day is a thing…🫢
small appetizers are arranged on a table with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil
an assortment of cookies and pastries on a blue, pink, yellow and orange background
2022 is sweet and full of snacks
Thanks to Sweet Crisps
a black plate topped with lots of different types of food next to silver ornaments and balls
Ring in the New Year With 34 Degrees
Topped with Seeded and Chili Flake & Olive Oil
a small christmas tree made out of tortilla chips
Have a Merry Crisp-mas
With Cracked Pepper and Rosemary Crisps
a cake shaped like a bird house with cookies on the side and an angel wings decoration
a turkey shaped platter with cheese, crackers and fruit
Celebrate Thanksgiving with 34 Degrees
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