35K campaign

35K campaign

Worldwide  ·  35,000 people. $1 a month. 12 adoptions a year.
35K campaign
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Adopting a child requires the same commitment as adding a child by birth

We provide free domestic adoption services to Birth Mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy & assist adoptive parents in the process of adopting a child.

Watch this powerful video about a boy's longing for a mother's love.

"Chalk" is a beautiful short film created by Navin Kumar of Bangalore, India. According to the description, it's based on an incident that happened during the Iraq war. We will let it speak for itself.

Adoptive Parenting: How It's Different and Why. A great explanation if you want to be a loving presence in an adoptive family's life. #adoption #support www.adoptlanguage.com

Adoptive Parenting: How It’s Different and Why (basically everything our adoption classes talked about boiled down to a few points- all research based). Pinning for future adoption plans