The Concrete Printing Process developed at Loughborough University in the UK is capable of producing building components with a degree of customisation that has not yet been seen. It could create a new era of architecture that is adapted to the environment and fully integrated with engineering function. Web: http://www.buildfreeform.com/ On this board all kind of constructions printed in 3D not only in concrete but also other construction materials. Search: concrete, beton.
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MIT's 3D printer

Architects are starting to 3D print houses—but without a house-sized printer – Quartz

Army Corps of Engineers using 3D printers to create dam models


Bouw huis in 20h met 3D-printer ( video) (via Engineeringnet.be)

Seed (p_ball): 3d printed concrete prototype by MATSYS

3D Printing In Concrete on the West Coast Causes Hours of Carving in Wood on the East Coast. Beautiful work.

Concrete 3D Printing - Enrico Dini - D-Shape technology, Bouwbeurs Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, 2013

D-Shape 3D printer machine

The D-Shape printer, created by Enrico Dini, is capable of printing a two-story building, complete with rooms, stairs, pipes, and partitions. Using nothing but sand and an inorganic binding compound, the resulting material has the same durability as reinforced concrete with the look of marble.

Concrete 3D printer being developed at The University of Arizona College of Architecture Material Labs. They have some work to do I think!

This graded concrete section was created by a 3D printer to be lightweight, but strong. Photo courtesy of MIT.

Pioneering new materials and methods such as self-healing bioconcrete, 3-D concrete printers and a new generation of solar polymers will help construction become more sustainable. Check the Guardian Article.

No Joke: These Guys Created A Machine For Printing Houses On The Moon - Contour crafting is effectively a form of 3-D printing. A robot arm extrudes concrete while automated trowels smooth the material into place.

construção por impressora 3D

3 D printing comes to construction, I could see this being very useful for small home construction.

Contour Crafting 3D concrete printer, sample wall.

First Concrete Polymer 3D Printed Bench

Sketch of what a commercial lunar base could look like (NOT does look like). Image NASA/Lewis Research Center

The Man Who Prints Houses is a documentary about Enrico Dini, an Italian robotics expert who build the world’s largest 3D printer.

Is it possible to 3-D print buildings?

3-D printing buildings of the future

3D printing could become a useful sales tool for builders.

Army Corps of Engineers using 3D printers to create dam models