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Zaltek Reviews
Traska Freediver III 1

Traska Freediver III » Zaltek Reviews

The Traska Freediver III combines timeless design with robust construction. Made to weather the elements, it can go the distance and will thrive in anywhere.

Zaltek Reviews - Watch of the Year 2020

Zaltek Reviews - Watch of the Year 2020. Looking through every review of 2020 we find the best watches that you can buy in the shitty year that has been 2020.

Atticus Watches - ICARUS - Pilot Watch Review

The Icarus is Atticus Watches take on the classic pilot watch. It represents the dial & hands seen on the consoles of airplanes and the watches adorning pilots.

Albany AMA Diver » Zaltek Reviews

Albany AMA Diver » Zaltek Reviews

Albany Watrches are set to launch their Kickstarter campaign tomorrow on Tuesday 13th October 2020 for their AMA Dive Watch. This timepiece is a 1960’s style

Viqueria Tuono 1

Viqueria Tuono » Zaltek Reviews

Tuono is the latest design from Viqueria. It features a Miyota 9130 movement, power reserve indicator that looks like a fuel gauge and 200m of water resistance.

Borealis Neptuno 1

Borealis Neptuno » Zaltek Reviews

The Neptuno 300m automatic diver watch is a vintage inspired dive watch, with a modern reinterpretation and manufactured by Borealis Watch Company.

MTK New York 1

MTK New York Chronograph » Zaltek Reviews

Introducing the MTK Chronograph, designed in New York, launching in early 2021.

RZE Resolute Ti 1

RZE Resolute Titanium » Zaltek Reviews

RZE Resolute. The ultra-tough titanium field watch, #AssembledforAdventure

HEMEL Airfoil 1

HEMEL Airfoil » Zaltek Reviews

HEMEL Airflow Chronograph - PRESS RELEASE


RVLVR SD-1 Dive Watch Review

RVLVR are proud to announce their new RVLVR SD-1, a near bullet proof dive watch with water resistance of up to 300 meters.

Isotope Goutte d'Eau Chilli 1

Isotope Goutte d'Eau 🌶️

The Isotope Goutte d’Eau compression diver was designed to live both above and below water and comes in five colourways; blue, orange, green, red and yellow.

Lorier Hydra Series II Sports Watch Review

The multifunctional dive watch, designed for the daring. Maximum legibility and sporty good looks give the Hydra Series II its edge.

MMI Turret Dive Watch Review

The MMI Turret 300m dive watch design concept is inspired by the “Iron Clad” naval warship, U.S.S Monitor, with its large 360° rotatable cylindrical turret.

Second Hour Mandala Sports Watch » Zaltek Reviews

The Mandala is Second Hour Watches next release and their most ambitious project to date. The Mandala is a sports watch like no other, launching in March 2021.

VARIO 1918 Trench Watch» Zaltek Reviews

With a difference between life and death, an alternative to a pocket watch was needed. In the muddy trenches of the First World War, the wrist-watch was born.

Relio Solstice 1

Relio Solstice » Zaltek Reviews

Relio Solstice - Originating from a series of sketches that were never meant to see the light of day, to a truly gorgeous stainless steel sports watch.