High quality car care products.Our online car care store, we ship anywhere in the World you may be. / High quality car care products.Our online car care store, we ship anywhere in the World.

Eraser Gel & Waterless Car wash kit Get the kit of Eraser Gel and Waterless Carwash with the sponge and 2 Microfiber towels. Available on Amazon and 3DProducts.com

Donald talks about using 505 with white AAT and purple 3D Products AAT Spider cut foam pads and a rotary polisher. We are working on a black car with heavy scratches to get a good correction that leaves a clear montan wax. This is not only quick auto detailing, but using the buffer as a professional polishing like you would in a body shop. We are also showing the spray detailer.

Donald demonstrates the difference between using AAT 505 for correction on scratches, and using 505 with montan wax with a foam pad as a glaze. This is a great product for auto detailing. Use on the exterior for polishing and as a compound.

Donald shows how to use a L-35 polisher buffer to apply HD Poxy to protect the car's finish with a black spider pad. HD Poxy has Montan wax in it, which has awesome protection that is better than regular car wax for auto detailing

505 Correction Glaze is body shop safe for polishing and ... 3D Correction Glaze combines the power of Adaptive Abrasive Technology with the UV Protection of body shop safe Montan Wax. Correction Glaze is adaptable to fresh and cured paints. It truly is an ALL-IN-ONE for all around use. Use on older classic cars, any new clear coats, or gelcoat surfaces, providing a deep wet gloss finish. It works best when applied inside the shop or in a shaded area, but it is also sun friendly.

Daniel Del Pino - Profesional Detailer visitó productos 3D de una formación especial. Hicimos algunos pulir con una almohadilla de lana y de corte HD . Él también se retirará el compuesto 501. Tomamos un coche totalmente polvoriento y confabulado con el lavado de coche desprovisto de agua. También se limpió la pintura con una arcilla NANO PAD y velocidad de HD.

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