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Dutch studio DUS Architects has printed an eight-square-metre cabin and accompanying bathtub in Amsterdam, and is now inviting guests to stay overnight Impression 3d, 3d Printed House, Microhouse, Architect Magazine, Stay Overnight, Urban Architecture, Amsterdam Architecture, Dezeen, Elle Decor

Urban Cabin: A 3D Printed Cabin Created by the DUS Architects | 3D Printing from scratch

The use of 3D printing technology in creating innovative and cost efficient infrastructures is now being recognized all over the world. The conceptual idea about this technology is now applied for different purposes. As a matter of fact, a particular office in Dubai was constructed by using 3D printing. Alex Le Roux, a professor at the University of Baylor has decided to design and create its own 3D printer in order to come up with a livable house that he had completed in less than a day…

Mega-Collaboration Between 15 Organizations Showcases the Potential of Printing in Bicycle Form 3d Printing Industry, 3d Printing Technology, 3d Printer, Digital Prints, Bicycle, Organizations, Walks, Print Ideas, Printed

3D Printed Bike Created by Flam王D | 3D Printing from scratch

The 3D printing technology is continuously advancing with its increasing popularity. Different companies have already searched for ways on how they can provide the technology without emptying their pocket. It is now made powerful and affordable so that everyone from small to big companies will have the chance to experience the benefits of 3D printing technology. As a matter of fact, a 3D printed bike was created by a group of Flemish companies led by Flam王D, a promoter of 3D printing. The…

printer How does it work and what you can do with it. We see the printer more often in people. You can make all kinds of three-dimensional objects. 3d Printing News, 3d Printing Technology, Impression 3d, 3d Laser, Gaming Accessories, Electronics Gadgets, Technology Gadgets, Cnc Machine, Free Stock Photos

7 Potential And Likely Uses For 3D Printing | 3D Printing from scratch

Following the initial, and almost inevitable, rash of printed plastic guns, 3D printing has emerged as a cost effective, flexible, and beneficial alternative to traditional manufacturing techniques. It currently has limited home uses, although it could prove very useful as a means of printing replacement parts and for DIY projects, but its use is already gaining traction within medical, engineering, architecture, and transport industries. 3D Printing In The Medical Industry Considerable…

Space scientists have printed a heart structure in zero gravity in zero gravity, using human stem cells. 3d Printing News, 3d Printing Industry, Heart Structure, Economies Of Scale, Floating In Space, 3d Prints, Digital Trends, Cool Tech, Impressionism

3D Printing Heart Tissue in Zero-G | 3D Printing from scratch

About 30,000 miles above from the surface of the earth, a science experiment has been conducted and broke through. Aboard the Zero-G space craft three of the most highly technological companies collaborate for to make this science project a success. The TechShot Inc., nScrypt Inc. and Bioficial Organs Inc. Zero Gravity Corporation, a commercial company that takes passengers to another travel experience by their famous “weightless flights”, which literally makes the flight mass loss by taking…

Chinese company HuaShang Tengda a concrete villa in 45 days. They say the building is earthquake resistant. 3d Printed Building, 3d Printed House, Impression 3d, Printed Concrete, Concrete Cement, Reinforced Concrete, Machine 3d, Prusa I3, 3d Printing Materials

3D Printed Two-Story House by HuaShang Tengda | 3D Printing from scratch

When building a house, the time that you have to spend will depend on the size and will usually take a couple of months before you can complete it. But that is not the case when HuaShang Tengda, a Chinese construction company had successfully built a 2-story house for one month and a half with the used of 3D printing technology. How HuaShang Tengda Created the 3D Printed Building HuaShang Tengda is a company that is based in Beijing and considered to be the main competitor of Winsun that has…

A team at the Loughborough University has been working on a printing project for printing full scale building components in concrete and on-site to any design. Norman Foster, Organic Architecture, Architecture Plan, Printed Concrete, 3d Printing Business, 3d Printing Materials, Proof Of Concept, 3d Printing Technology, Digital Fabrication

The Use of 3D Printing for Construction | 3D Printing from scratch

3D printing has a great impact to construction making critics wonder what would be the future for architectural plans. Despite the fact that not every home has a 3D printer some people already live in 3D printed houses and work in 3D printed office buildings. There are already great improvements of 3D printing to various sectors such as medical, aerospace, and automotive compared to construction that has a slow progress. However, they are already working on using 3D printing technology to…

September 2014 by MassDevice e-NABLE, an online group of volunteers, uses printing to build prosthetics for patients in need. Disruptive Technology, 3d Printing Technology, Design Process, Futuristic, 3d Printer, Health Care, Medicine, Marketing, Digital

The Growth of 3D Printing in the Healthcare Market | 3D Printing from scratch

When talking about 3D printing technology, the healthcare industry can be considered as one of the fastest growing markets wherein they have already created various medical applications that use 3D printing. With the developments presented in producing prosthetic devices, bioprinting, as well as medical implants, it looks like the industry will continuously progress for the coming years. Though you can consider these things as simple innovation, with its constant maturity, you will surely…

This isn't the first time we've seen a great printed ikea hack, from rudimentary printer enclosures to lighting fixtures, vases, and even a cool Buy A 3d Printer, Large 3d Printer, 3d Printing Business, 3d Printing Industry, Apartment Locator, Dorm Room Necessities, Ikea Table, Homemade 3d Printer, Large Format

Large Format 3D Printer Was Created with IKEA Table | 3D Printing from scratch

When it comes to furniture, not everyone is happy to assemble lots of pieces even if they have bought it at a lower cost. Men usually feel irritated of following complicated instructions wherein they just end up drinking plenty of beer. The worst thing that might happen is that they get poor results from hours of putting the pieces together that easily get ruined in a certain period of time. Why Many People Are Interested of Creating Trendy IKEA Hack IKEA is a popular company based in Sweden…

RGCIRC offers best neuro oncology treatment in Delhi NCR, India with low risk. Visit here & find India’s best team of neurosurgeon, neurologist, radiation oncologist. Tumor Cerebral, Glioma Brain Tumor, Brain Injury, Zika Virus, Seizures, Brain Health, Healthy Brain, Cancer Treatment, Your Brain

3D Printed Malignant Brain Tumors | 3D Printing from scratch

The advancement of technology has helped so many human beings over the years and how it changed so many lives especially in the medical field. The 3D printed cells and tissue are not new in the 3D printing area. The bioprinting technology has given so much hope to patients that are suffering from various illnesses and conditions. The integration of this technology in this field has considerably helped these patients all over the world and researchers are now finding more ways of implementing…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Coming Soon. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill return for the installment of Star Wars Film Star Wars, Star Wars Vii, Star Wars Watch, Star Trek, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Star Wars Episode 8, Episode Vii, 10 Film

Lucasfilms Launch the 3D Prop Replicas of Star Wars | 3D Printing from scratch

Disney and Lucasfilms had presented the Star Wars Collectibles: Ultimate Studio Edition, a set of replicas produced by the same company that created the props for the films of Star Wars. Propshop, a studio based in the UK will manufacture the props. This was the prop shop that created the sci-fi props, weapons, and the costumes that were used for the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The props are exclusively available all over the US that you can have at an expensive cost from this site…

The high-tech limb uses electronic sensors to detect movements in Young's shoulder muscles, giving him full control over the battery-powered hand and arm. Metal Gear Solid, Prosthetic Leg, Cool Tech, 25 Years Old, Winter Soldier, Banksy, Cool Gadgets, Creepy, 3d Printing

Metal Gear Solid Inspired 3D Printed Gadgets | 3D Printing from scratch

A couple of years ago a resident of London experienced a freak accident after falling down on the train tracks which managed to maim one of his arms. The experience left James Young one missing arm and a left leg. He had twelve surgeries to fix what was missing and ultimately changed his life forever. After the surgery, James was given a prosthetic arm that had a utility hook at the end, but it served him more stress when using the arm. He decided not to use it because it looks more…

The world’s first ever printed office building has opened in Dubai. The futuristic building built in just 17 days, using printing technology is 3d Printed Building, 3d Printed House, Impression 3d, Industrial 3d Printer, Office Pictures, And So It Begins, 3d Printing Technology, Earth Homes, 3d Prints

The Inauguration of the First 3D Printed Building in Dubai | 3D Printing from scratch

Dubai is known for having a luxurious way of life that other countries surely desire. It is the most populated city of United Arab Emirates where global dealings are expected to take place as they distribute high-tech products. Business transactions usually happen in various offices in the place or in the surroundings. But that’s not all because Dubai will present you what future construction looks like that will definitely amaze you. How Dubai Had Constructed a 3D Printed Building The idea…

Cilllia hair by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "By vibrating the hairy surface, it becomes an actuator than can move objects along a predetermined path" 3d Printing Business, 3d Printing Service, Digital Technology, Science And Technology, 3d Printing Materials, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Textiles Techniques, 3d Prints, 3d Artist

The Use of 3D Printed Hair Created by MIT Researchers | 3D Printing from scratch

If you are searching for cooler projects where 3D printing was used, then for sure you will get interested in the creation of 3D printed hair. A group of researchers at of Massachusetts Institute of Technology came up with a method of creating a surface that is covered with 3D printed hair that is 50 microns thin. You might be wondering where they could possibly use this hair. But do you know that there are plenty of applications where you can apply 3D printed hair when produced in greater…

printing is a form of additive service for creating three-dimensional objects. printing converts digital model into tangible products. 3d Printing Diy, 3d Printing Service, Guide Dog, Dog Daycare, 3d Prints, 3d Artist, Printable Designs, Character Drawing, French Bulldogs

3D Printed Bulldogs Created by Eric Ho | 3D Printing from scratch

Every time that Eric Ho, a 3D artist and social media marketing expert who is based in New York City, present his 3D designs, it is expected that it has something to do with an adorable type of dog. This 3D print artist had presented a 3D printed Corgi bottle opener last year that looks like a keychain. This became a famous addition in Raw Legends Collaboration, which is the storefront of Shapeways. You can also find collaborative projects in his store as he continuously works with some of…

The market in the printing world is very competitive, and companies such as Stratasys and Systems are having difficulty in facing other manufacturers that 3d Printer, 3 D, Monster Trucks, How To Apply, Printing, Creative, Mars

Zortrax 3D Printer Applied in Astronautics | 3D Printing from scratch

The market in the 3D printing world is very competitive, and companies such as Stratasys and 3D Systems are having difficulty in facing other manufacturers that offer half the price for the printers. The rise and fall of these manufacturers solely depend on how unique and price-sensitive are the products. Zortrax M200 A Polish 3D printer company is one of the fastest growing competitors in the 3D printing market. The Zortrax M200 almost made its way in all the lists of 2015's recognizable 3D…

The National University of Singapore says its smart pill is personalised to each patient and manufactured to release their medication at the correct time through the day. Computer Algorithm, National University Of Singapore, Personalized Medicine, 3d Printing Business, Cooking Timer, Pills, 3d Printer, Drugs, Innovation

Can You Get Better by Taking 3D Printed Meds? | 3D Printing from scratch

With all the discoveries about 3D printing, you cannot control how people accept the results because obviously there will always be an instance that the good and the bad side of it will intertwine. The benefits that people can get from 3D printed medications are quite immeasurable. For sure, people will get excited to purchased and try these 3D printed meds. As a matter of fact, it was already approved by the DFA and the availability of the product is being talked about. A particular pill…