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Task Cards

I love using task cards in the classroom! I enjoy trying new ways to utilize task cards in my classroom, too. Visit me at to see how I use them in my classroom!

DIFFERENTIATED Main Idea Vs. Theme Task Cards. Encourage your students to see the difference between main idea and theme and solidify understanding of this tricky concept! $

Math Detective Task Cards ! Encourage your students to think critically about problem solving by EXPLAINING and JUSTIFYING their answers on multi-step word problems. Students read a math problem as well as two detective’s ways (process) of solving the problem. Only one detective is correct, and the students have to figure out what detective did the math process correctly. Then, they have to explain why the detective is right (or why the other one was wrong). $

Context Clues Task Cards for Differentiated Instruction. A set of 32 task cards that require students to read a sentence with an underlined word then choose the correct meaning, in context, from three different meanings. These can be used in a variety of ways--centers, partner work, as a whole class, homework, etc. These are great for differentiated instruction as they range in difficulty! $

Task Card Corner: Compound Word Task Card Freebie

Getting Started With Task Cards: Play SCOOT! Use this super fun freebie to introduce Scoot to your class!

Managing Task Cards without having piles of papers to grade!

Using Task Cards for Reading Response! Students get individual mini task card sets to allow differentiation and choice in their reading responses!

The ULTIMATE Multiplication Task Card Bundle! 196 task cards (answer keys included) to practice multiplication skills in a variety of ways. Arrays, Equal Groups, Multiplication or Division?, Writing Equations, Word Problems, and more! $

32 half-page fiction comprehension task cards with 4 comprehension questions and tasks on EACH card for a total of 128 comprehension questions! Engage your students in meaningful practice and review key reading skills!$

Differentiated Elapsed Time Bundle for Common Core! Huge set of elapsed time resources including task cards, foldable, poster, activities, worksheets, and a game!$

Multi-Step Word Problems Task Card BUNDLE! 96 differentiated task cards to practice multi-step problems with all operations! $

Simile and Metaphor Task Cards Figurative Language. Challenge your students to identify and interpret the meaning of common similes and metaphors with this set of 24 differentiated simile and metaphor task cards. $

Task Card Corner: Using Board Games to Engage Students with Task Cards!

Using Board Games to Engage Students with Task Cards! To take their turn, students must correctly answer a question on a task card.

Informational Text Structures. Using Task Cards to meet Common Core Standards. (Paid product in picture)

A collection of Informational Text Task Cards aligned to Common Core State Standards for grades 3-6. Perfect for test prep, centers, small groups, and whole groups. The possibilities are endless with task cards! $

Task Card Corner: Using Task Cards in Interactive Notebooks

Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting Informational Text Task Cards! Help your students learn the difference or use them for just one skill. COMMON CORE TEST PREP perfect!$

Just Add Kids and Questions- Quick Review Game! I LOVE this idea and you can do it with any set of multiple choice task cards! So easy, so fun, so effective!

Using the School Calendar Task Cards! Highly relevant and engaging.

An ever-growing compilation of blog posts showing how task cards can be used in the classroom!

Hodges Herald: Tuesday Tried It- Changing up Task Cards