Thread catcher and pincushion/like this pin cushion idea

Thread catcher and pincushion. Love that the basket stays open and the cool scissor holder. but what am I going to use to catch my thread while I'm sewing the thread catcher?

DIY Sew Slipper DIY Projects

DIY Sew Slipper DIY Projects Looks like a great DIY project! Just think of the colors one could make these and cute little accents on the top of them too. Buttons, fabric flowers, twine knot or.

DIY Knit Hats: genius

Upcycle sweater to make a baby cap or really cute beanies for mom! Heck the sweaters big enough you could do mommy/baby hats.

taking in the baggy butt of jeans tutorial

In our free time, let's fix our jeans! taking in the baggy bum of jeans tutorial. I have needed this so many times with thrift store finds

Facepalm Sewing Tips

Rebekah Graves via Valeri Gillan to Sewing. I havent learned sewing yet - I start class today - but Im saving this for later.

Made from one of daddy's old shirts.

Peasant dress upcycled from men's shirt. Daddy's little girl dress made from Daddy's shirt. Nolan does dad have any old shirts?

Medallion & Denim Skirt, easy refashion from old jeans and material I love but couldn't find a use for.

jeans and table cloth? A Midsummer Night's Dream - Medallion & Denim Skirt--Yoke and gorgeous mandala patterns is just so much to love.

10" squares + sew patchwork  + cut out a-line shape = very cute skirt! via clothwork

squares + sew patchwork + cut out a-line shape = very cute skirt! This gives me an idea for using scraps to make skirts & dresses for little girls. Use smaller squares & simply cut out pattern on the diagonal.