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Static: my haunted tree inspired by The Dark Gardner.

For the mantle they purchased a few oversized jars, filled them with cabbages and twigs submerged in water then backlit them with two florescent blacklight bars. Your average highlighter glows under blacklight, so to achieve the glowing jar effect they cut open a few highlighters and drained them into the water used to fill the jars.

Inspired Halloween Spreads: Study's Mad Scientist Lab

In a new fad of its kind, a pet shop is offering ‘Panda Dogs’, in the Chengdu city, situated in southwest China’s Sichuan province. As per the pet shop owner Hsin Ch’en, he is facing a hard time meeting the high demand for the panda dogs.

13 Hilarious Dog Costumes

from Easyday

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How to Plan a Harry Potter Halloween Party

This woman is my new Idol! She is so creative and has such wicked great Halloween ideas. This one is just a small sample: 102 Wicked Things To Do: #30 Haunted Tree

102 Wicked Things To Do: #30 Haunted Tree