Why didn't you turn into your death scythe form Because you didn't fucking warn me you flat chested. I am gunna die << excusing the language but this is HILARIOUS

Maka, soul eater

No matter what people say she will always be one of my favorites. She's also one of the most realistic character in the Soul Eater Universe

soul eater

Soul Eater ~~~ Good VS Evil <<< Justin is not good, he gets engulfed by madness and becomes evil

soul x maka from soul eater NOT anime. Maka's eyes look more like the manga, but I don't like how it's drawn. She looks way more awesome and intimidating with her original Soul Eater eyes. AND SOUL DOESNT HAVE RED EYES WTF

soul x maka: soul eater not! He looks so drunk~soul, what wee you doing with your life?

Crona's poem

So that's why everyone who read Crona's poem went into the Emo Corner. I'm gonna go give Crona a hug and cry.<< I posted another poem of Crona's earlier. Crona must be very poetic