Such a cool tool! Attach any picture and it will give you the paint chip colors.

Attach any picture and it will give you the matching paint chip colors. It's like Shazam for colors - awesome!

book for any mother who has a daughter!

Must read: 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter, youth culture expert Vicki Courtney gives moms straight talk about keeping the lines of communication open and honest with their daughters from cradle to college.

Home Management Notebook

Home Management Notebook Printables FREE! (I think I may need one of these notebooks at least for some of this info!


Funny pictures about This Mug Is Going To Change My Life. Oh, and cool pics about This Mug Is Going To Change My Life. Also, This Mug Is Going To Change My Life photos.

Saddle Seat 24-inch Counter Stools (Set of 2)  Great price FOR TWO

These counter stools feature a stylish bowed saddle seat design. The stools are also featured in gorgeous finishes to blend into your living space decor.

Thirty One has amazing prints this season!  I'm placing an order and will ship to you for free if you want anything :)

This month's special is the Mini Utility Bin! I am personalizing these with my kiddos names and using them as Easter baskets but these are great for many things!

@Christy Radomski Introducing you to some great music :)

Incredible band with a long legacy of amazing music. Currently fronted by two of the best current guitarists: Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes!

Love the pearl and crystal on this!  Find her on FB too, Just Charms and Pretty Things.  My friend actually knows her :)

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