Louisiana: French Quarter, New Orleans

Foggy French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana photo by pompon I've sat on that bench right on Jackson Square :)

Check out that colour!

Autumn reds sky blues on water. It's beautiful and magical but the water reflection kind of looks sinister if you see it from a different perspective.

Olavinlinna Castle in Finland

Just because the castle belongs to Olaf. Olaf's Castle - was founded in 1475 by Erik Axelsson Tott. The castle served to repel attacks from the east and to guarantee control of the Savo region for the Swedish Crown.

A circumhorizon arc captured in Delray Beach, Florida falls behind the dark storm cloud

Photographer captures rare 'fire rainbow cloud' above Florida as Mother Nature puts on spectacular light show

Beautiful 'Fire rainbows' are a rare phenomenon that only occur when the Sun is higher than above the horizon and its light passes through cirrus clouds made of ice crystals.

Sunset in Montmartre, Paris

Sunset in Montmartre, Paris. I definately want to visit France, especially Paris.

Morning Sunlight, White River Falls, Oregon

White River Falls State Park is a Monument in Tygh Valley. Plan your road trip to White River Falls State Park in OR with Roadtrippers.


Switzerland (Lucerne) was my favorite place to visit in Europe - I must go back and see this! Rothenfluh near Schwyz in Switzerland.