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Characters that promote books and reading. Many designs are available on free, downloadable bookmarks at -- Enjoy! Most designs also…
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three different types of giraffes are shown
A friend asked me to draw a giraffe, so I created two. "Stretch yourself: READ" Can you see what book Gigi Giraffe is reading? (Hint: author is Nancy Farmer). Images have been added to the Library Advocacy Store (CSLA) and DesignClass sites on cafepress.
an eye chart with glasses on it and the words you are my sunshine in blue
You make me happy!
a white dog is holding a sign that says, pets make a difference be my valentine
Pets Make a Difference! This Yorkshire Terrier fills your heart with love and affection. Pets Make a Difference! Image added to DOGS DOGS DOGS section of /DesignClass at
four dogs are in a cage with a heart on the top and bottom, one dog is
Valentine Cards are now available for download from the Big Eye Readers' library advocacy wiki. Valentines include the message "Strong schools have strong libraries".
a white coffee mug with a horse on it
Children's Book and Library Art
Valentine Pony loves you! (and libraries)
a black and white cow with the words what are you reading?
Black Horse loves the 1877 classic horse story, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. What are you reading?
an image of a horse with the words black beauty on it's side and what are you reading?
Pony Reads books about horses. What are you reading?
an advertisement for the e - chart eyewear company is shown in black and white
Does your eye doctor promote reading? Here is a fun eye chart for your Optometrist's office. Wall decal and notecards are available on at /DesignClass
a turkey reading a book with the words let's talk turkey strong librarians build strong students
Advocate for libraries! Let's talk turkey: strong libraries build strong students. Wall poster and more are available at the CSLA library advocacy store.
a cartoon turkey with the words let's talk turkey on it and an orange beak
Gobble, Gobble! Thanksgiving time is turkey time. New big eye turkey image is now available on bookmarks and at /DesignClass on cafepress.
a bear holding a shovel next to a tree with the words read here on it
bookmarkmini [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Book Marks
Ranger Bear promotes reading. Several versions of this bear are available on free downloadable bookmarks.
a bear holding up a sign with the words smokey and forestist on it
Fires are raging across California. Ranger Bear reminds us to protect our forests. Image added to
an image of some kind of stickers that are in the shape of letters and numbers
Set of Big Eye Reader characters on mini bookmarks that promote reading and libraries. Character set are available to download and print.
an image of three different characters with words on the front and back of each character
These were the first Big Eye Characters that put aside their books to stand up and promote reading. First characters were all holding books, peaking at you from behind a book. Second set were whole characters. Both are available on mini bookmarks at -- you are welcome to download for free. The bookmarks promote reading and libraries.
i'm a library volunteer thank you for all that you do with this sign
Volunteering has its rewards. Volunteers can be a powerful force for good. Thank you for all that you do. Search "volunteer" at Library Store on
a person with wifi on their face and the word wifi in front of them
an image of a pirate talking on the phone and holding a sign with words written in it
an orange haired woman reading a book with the words what are you reading?
two dogs sitting in a red chair reading a book with the caption, they're tired
Seriously Funny Cards
Dad and me
a drawing of a man standing in front of an open book with words coming out of it
Word Painting
Take me to your reader. Love this image, even though you can't see the guy's eyes.
an open book with colorful owls on it | The official home for all things Disney
Love these big eye owls! This is why I love all my BIg Eye Reader mini bookmarks -- because the characters peek at you and make you smile.
a cube with many different apps on it
4k Wallpapers & Backgrounds For FREE to use [2300+ HD Wallpapers]
21st Century Education in Australian School Libraries | Library and Museum Studies | Learnist
an orange haired woman with long hair is in front of a window that says, what are you reading?
Children's Book and Library Art
Wild, tangle-haired Big Eye Reader loves mythology stories. What are you reading?
an orange kangaroo reading a book with the words what are you reading? on it
Have you been to Australia? Have you read any good books that take place there? KangaRoo wants to read and share some stories. We have a set of KangaRoo bookmarks available as a free download at